Bischoff: “[Tony Khan’s] tweet didn’t do AEW any favors”

Oct 20, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Eric Bischoff Fires back at Tony Khan and AEW on the latest episode of the 83 Weeks Podcast On AEW’s ongoing “war” with WWE.

“Let me first say, I am pulling for AEW to be hugely successful,” Bischoff stated. “I am a supporter of AEW, I am grateful that AEW is doing well on TNT. There’s a lot of things I like about AEW but some of Tony Khan’s comments this week are not doing him any favors let’s put it that way.

I think it’s cool that Tony responded and AEW responded to the fact that WWE did a half hour overrun to challenge AEW as their show started at 10 o’clock. I like that and think that was great. I would’ve tried to do the same thing so I have no criticism for what Tony is doing but I think some of the things Tony is saying is not a good look. To come out and predict as he did that AEW is going to outperform [WWE].

“Keep in mind, for all of you people that are out there who are focused on ratings and demos, nobody is putting anything into context. The wrestling audience wants there to be a legitimate Monday Night War version 2.0 so badly that they all participate in cosplay competition. To come out and predict that AEW was going to defeat SmackDown on FS1 was a bad choice. SmackDown delivered somewhere just under 800,000 viewers, AEW delivered just under 600,000 viewers. Not a good look. It wasn’t slightly, it was to the tune of 30-35%, that’s not insignificant. Even more so, that all happened on FOX Sports One. [Tony Khan’s] tweet didn’t do AEW any favors.

You might have served the internet fan base but you’re not serving your business well because you got your ass kicked on Friday night. Simple as that.”

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  1. Indigo Andy says:

    That’s just internet nerd thinking more than just smark thinking. There is no context, it’s just numbers they can yell about to “prove” their point. Research into the history of Turner Broadcasting is something these types can’t do because it contradicts their narratives. You think the wrestling side is bad, heck try the animation side. These people will make up their own conspiracies that outright contradict the actual conspiracies and behind the scenes politics from Turner.

    Meltzer and et all also live in a world where every network thinks and operates like a Kellner ran network 24/7. Which is false. But it’s a system that allows for nerd outrage 24/7. So they just assume it’s there whether it actually is or not.

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