Bray Wyatt – Danhausen note

Oct 19, 2021 - by Staff

Windham Rotunda (fka WWE’s Bray Wyatt) seems interested in possibly working with top ROH star Danhausen.

A fan tweeted a poll asking for others to name matches they are dying to see in AEW, naming Orange Cassidy vs. Danhausen as one bout they want to happen. Another fan responded and said they’d like to see Rotunda vs. Danhausen in a Tooth Match.

The fan wrote, “@WWEBrayWyatt in a tooth match! I think this could earn @DanhausenAD many monies. Let’s make it happen or possibly curse those who would not? #Fanhausen”

Rotunda responded and used one of Danhausen’s signature lines to suggest they join forces.

“We should unite instead. How very evil of us,” Rotunda wrote.

Danhausen re-tweeted the post from Rotunda, and posted a photo that shows him next to a cut-out of The Fiend. You can see the related tweets below:

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