Notes on Mustafa Ali and Pat McAfee

Oct 16, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

– Last night on Smackdown, Michael Cole and Pat McAfee previewed the matches that will be taking at Crown Jewel this Thursday however there was no mention of Mansoor Vs. Mustafa Ali. Mustafa Ali wasn’t happy about the match being snubbed and took to Twitter to remind fans that the match will indeed go ahead.

– While speaking with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Rick Ucchino, Paul Heyman was asked to name Superstars he enjoys listening to on the mic. He said “Multiple people, when they are on their game, multiple people. Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, Stephanie McMahon. Pat McAfee actually has impressed the hell out of me. Pat McAfee, during the breaks, will stand up on the announce table and entertain the live audience, and Pat Mcafee understands the interaction between the person holding the microphone and those in the audience watching the person holding the microphone. I’ve become a huge admirer of his contributions to the WWE.”

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  1. Motorhead says:

    Yeah, we went to the Smackdown in Cleveland in July and McAfee was all about the fans. He did a “McAfee Minute” in which he cut a great promo about the city changing the name of the Indians and all. The show was just awesome live, especially the 6-man that no one at home got to see, but McAfee was one of the hot topics as we all waited for the parking garage to empty following a wreck. He’s a fan’s announcer and you can hear it in his work. I think he’s the best announcer WWE’s had, along with Nigel, in the last 20+ years.

  2. What? says:

    No matter what was or wasn’t said about Mansoor & Ali’s match on Smackdown, you can bet it’s one of the most mentioned in the marketing campaign in Saudi Arabia, which is all that matters since that’s basically the only reason that match is on the card in the first place.

  3. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    To this day, McAfee remains the only punter mic’d up for a live game. It was a Sunday night football game and they passed over Peyton Manning to mic up McAfee, which provided some comical moments and others that the network couldn’t use without using the dump button or censoring it.

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