10/15/21 AEW Buy In Recap

Oct 15, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

The live stream for The Buy-In to AEW Rampage for tonight kicks off as the commentary team of Excalibur, Taz and Ricky Starks welcome us to the show.

Tay Conti vs. Santana Garrett

They run down the lineup for tonight and then Tay Conti’s theme hits and she heads down to the ring for the first match of the evening here on the pre-show for this week’s Rampage.

Conti settles into the ring and her music dies down. Now Santana Garrett makes her way out and settles inside the squared circle as well.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running. We see Conti jump off to a good start, working Garrett down to the mat and working a submission over until she escapes. Conti with a knee-block and an arm-drag on Garrett before popping back up and landing a big kick to the grill.

Garrett slows down Conti’s momentum with a nice back-elbow to the grill. She controls Conti on the mat and works her over in a submission that Taz calls the Muta lock. Conti eventually kicks the ankles of Garrett out to escape. Both girls take each other down face-first into the mat.

Conti fires back up and blasts Garrett with three back-to-back-to-back running boots to the face. She then hits her DD-Conti finisher and scores the pin fall victory.

Winner: Tay Conti

Lee Moriarty vs. Bobby Fish

After the complete American Top Team vs. Inner Circle vignette from the “Road To AEW Miami” special airs to promote tonight’s AEW Rampage main event trios match, we return inside the James L. Knight Center in Miami, FL.

The theme for Lee Moriarty hits and out he comes for our second of three scheduled matches here on The Buy-In for AEW Rampage. He settles into the ring and his theme dies down.

Now the theme for Bobby Fish hits and out he comes. He settles in the ring as the commentators remind the viewers at home how well he performed against Sammy Guevara in his AEW in-ring debut.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. The fans immediately start chanting “Bobby! Bobby!” as he and Moriarty circle each other and begin trading kicks. Lee goes for a takedown and this one hits the mat. The two trade grappling holds and then work back up to their feet.

Moriarty gets control of Fish’s arm and is isolating the limb to focus his offensive attack on it. Fish uses his striking skills to escape but Moriarty goes right back to work on the same arm. He works over the arm for a bit but then Fish fires up and takes over. He hits a dragon screw on the leg of Moriarty and then shifts the momentum into his favor.

We hear the fans break out in dueling “Let’s go Bobby!” and “Let’s go Lee!” chants. Fish hits a springboard senton for a near fall as he continues to widen the offensive gap between himself and Moriarty. After Fish dominates things for a few minutes, Moriarty catches him with an elbow and begins taking over.

Lee strings together a nice offensive sequence as he picks up the pace in this match. He hits a running jumping stomp for a near fall. When they get back to their feet, the two trade strikes until Fish hits a nice Saito style suplex for a near fall of his own. Moriarty fires up and goes for a suplex, but Fish floats over and slaps a sleeper hold on him.

Fish follows up after Moriarty escapes with a jumping knee strike for a near fall. We see Fish with a crazy exploder suplex into the ropes on Moriarty. He follows that up with the knockout shot with a big kick for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Bobby Fish

Minoru Suzuki vs. Bryan Danielson

An elaborate Bryan Danielson vs. Minoru Suzuki vignette airs ahead of the main event of The Buy-In for AEW Rampage at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, FL.

When we return inside the arena, we hear the familiar sounds of Suzuki’s entrance music and the Japanese legend then makes his epic walk to the ring as the crowd gives him a superstar reaction.

He settles into the ring and then the equally familiar sounds of Bryan Danielson’s theme hits and out he comes, billed as “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson. The fans do the loud “Yes!” chants as he settles in the ring.

Danielson and Suzuki go face-to-face as his music continues to play. The music finally dies down and then the bell sounds. The fans are doing loud “Holy sh*t!” and “AEW! AEW!” and “This is awesome!” chants before anything happens.

We hear the bell and here we go. The two lock hands for a test-of-strength to get this one off-and-running. Suzuki controls Danielson on the mat with a knee to the back as he yanks back on his head. Danielson fights back and then the crowd starts doing “Si! Si! Si!” chants.

Bryan and Minoru stand back up and don’t seem into the chants. The action continues and Danielson hits a long single leg attempt. Suzuki from his back dares Danielson to fight him on the ground. Danielson isn’t having it. The square off and agree to deliver back-and-forth chops.

Suzuki lands the first big one and Danielson sells it like it really hurt. Suzuki waits for his and Danielson launches a massive kick into his chest. Suzuki goes to do another chop and hits him hard, accidentally catching his mouth on the way, which Danielson smiles and acknowledges.

Danielson with another big kick in response. Suzuki holds Danielson’s head, which Danielson allows, and blasts him with a forearm to the face that seemed to almost legitimately knock him out. Brutal. Danielson’s cheek was cut open in the process. Danielson gets up after a bit and is pissed so he starts firing rapid-fire “Yes!” kicks at Suzuki.

He then blasts Suzuki with elbows to the collar bone over and over again while he’s seated on the mat. Suzuki gets a triangle choke on Danielson over the ropes. He ends up letting it go. He brings Danielson out to the floor with him and begins beating him down at ringside. When he gets him back in the ring, he works his arm over with submission attempts on the ground.

After being on the wrong end of a one-sided beatdown for a few minutes, Danielson yanks Suzuki arm-first into the steel ring post. He gets on the ring apron and hits a running knee strike to Suzuki’s face. He brings him back in the ring and now it’s Danielson’s turn to deliver some punishment to Suzuki — which is exactly what he begins doing. Suzuki defiantly asks for more.

Danielson gets his cattle mutiliation submission on Suzuki on the mat. Suzuki rolls to escape but Danielson keeps it locked. Eventually Suzuki works his way free. Danielson fires up with repeated kicks to Suzuki, who keeps Hulking Up as Danielson beats on him more and more. Suzuki takes over and starts kicking Danielson. Danielson starts no selling and Hulking Up after each shot as well.

Suzuki gets a Fujiwara armbar on Danielson but Danielson gets to the ropes to break the hold. The ref tries backing Suzuki off but Suzuki calmly backs him out of the way, fixes his shirt and goes to grab Danielson, who yanks him right down into the LeBell Lock. Suzuki rolls and gets his feet on the ropes to break the hold. The two trade back-and-forth free shots to the face over-and-over-and-over again as the fans chant “No!” and “Si!” for each shot.

They end up both slumping down to the mat and the fans chant “AEW! AEW! AEW!” They go nose-to-nose, back up and trade more back-and-forth shots. They each stop and let out a war scream right in the others face before re-engaging with more exchanges. Cool stuff. Suzuki slaps a sleeper on Danielson. Danielson escapes. Suzuki slaps it on again. Danielson escapes again and goes for an oma plata. Suzuki escapes. They each hit the ropes and Danielson lands his running knee strike for the pin fall victory. Absolutely excellent main event on The Buy-In for AEW Rampage.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

source: Rajah.com

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