Impact Report 10/14/21

Oct 14, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from the latest episode Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

The road to Bound For Glory is getting shorter with only 9 days left.  Tonight will bring us closer to the biggest night of the year for Impact Wrestling.

Match 1.  Triple Threat Match.  Bullet Club’s El Phantasmo (with Hikuleo and Chris Bey) VS Rohit Raju VS Willie Mack.   Winner will be in the triple threat for the X Division Title at Bound For Glory.

Mack and Rohit go at it right away.  Mack slams Rohit.  EP rakes Mack’s back, but can’t move Mack off a shoulder block.  Mack then hits a ranna off the ropes on EP.  Rohit knocks Mack from the ring and he and EP start duking it out strong style.  Rohit sweeps the leg to gain an advantage.  Mack breaks up a pin attempt.  EP then rakes Mack’s back again.  He then hits a flying cross body block.  EP then dives to the outside on Rohit.  He then does a swanton bomb on Mack for a two count.

Rohit regroups and double stomps Mack.  The three start slugging it out in the center of the ring.  Mack takes them both down with a double clothesline.  Mack then uses his power to hit a double Samoan Drop, both men were on his back.  What a match to start the show.

Standing double moonsault by Mack for a two count.  Willie covered them both, but was a second away.  Mack mounts the ropes, but Rohit catches him.  He tries for a superplex.  Mack counters and front face suplexes him.  EP hits a Ranna off the top on Mack.   He then hits a monster splash for two on Mack.  Mack blocks a superkick by EP, hits a stunner, then takes out Hikuleu and Bey on the outside.  Rohit sneaks up and rolls up EP for two.  He then hits a Flatliner for another two count.  EP and Rohit block each others moves until EP crotches him.  After a Piledriver by EP; he gets the pin on Rohit.

Winner.  El Phantasmo.  By winning this triple threat, he will be involved in the triple threat for the X Division Championship at Bound for Glory.

Gia Miller interviews Ace Austin and Madman Fulton backstage.  The two will both be in the Battle Royal to earn a shot at the  Call Your Shot gauntlet match at Bound For Glory..  Ace says he has double the chance.  The two will work together to make Ace Austin the winner.

Match 2.  Savanah Evans (with Tasha Steelz) VS Lady Frost

Frost tries to use her speed to gain the early advantage, but Evans strength and size is too much from the get go.  Frost continues to fight, but Evans powerful chops and forearms have Frost in trouble.  Evans locks on a bear hug.  Somehow Frost breaks free, but takes a big boot as we go to break.

Back from break, Frost is still fighting from underneath, but Evans connects with a Samoan Drop.  Frost ducks a splash and hits a side kick to the head.  She then kicks Evans in the midsection and then basement dropkicks the knee.  Evans his a clothesline from her knee, then a full nelson slam and gets the pin.

Winner.  Savanah Evans

Post match Matthew Rehwoldt and Impact and AAA Women’s World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo enter the arena and ring.  She grabs the mic and tells Evans and Steelz about her issues with Mickie James.  She says she gets to pick the poisen for Mickie next week.  She asks her if she wants to fight Mickie next week.   Evans agrees.

Steve Macklin cuts a promo backstage saying he will be the next X Division Champion.

Gail Kim is interviewed backstage about Bound For Glory.  Rosemary and Havok, the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, enter.  They are questioning the reasoning of the The Inspiration challenging for their belts.  The match is set though, and it will happen at Bound For Glory.

Match 2.  VSK (with Brian Myers) VS Rich Swann (with Willie Mack)

VSK is Myers favorite pupil.  He hits a slam, crossbody that was cool to see.  He is working the back to start the match.  Then he goes to the back of the neck with a reverse chin lock.  Swann gets to his feet and starts laying in the Dusty punches and spin kicks.  Swann then hits a spinning neck breaker and splash.  He climbs the ropes and hits the Phoenix Splash to get the win.

Winner.  Rich Swann.

Back at Swinger’s Palace, the club seems to be closing down.  The employees are all leaving the Palace.  One of the Swingerellas tells Johnny she has feelings for him.  He turns her down.  She leaves crying.  Chris Sabin walks in and starts talking to the other Swingerella # 2, Riley.  She asks him to stay with her and not go to Nashville.  He tells her his only one true love is the ring, he has to go to Vegas.  She leaves.  Sabin sits down as everyone leaves.  There is a flashback scene of some of the Swingers Palace funny moments airs, and then Sabin says he will always loves this place as we go to break.

Scott D’Amore is backstage with Heath.  Scott offers him a contract.  Heath asks for one last thing, he wants Rhino to be his partner against Violent By Design.  Scott questions if Rhino to be his partner.  Scott says he will sign the match, but Heath may be fighting on his own.  Heath signs the contract.

Match 3.  Chris Bey (with Hikuleo and El Phanstasmo) VS Chris Sabin (with Fin Juice, David Finley and Juice Robinson)

The Bullet Club is back out for another match.  Sabin and Bey are the best of the high flyers you can find in any promotion.  They feel each other out with arm drags to start the match.

All teams are banned from ringside, after a fight breaks out.  Sabin hits a knee and snap suplex.  Bey is distracted and Sabin locks him in the tree of woe.  Sabin hits a elevated dropkick.  Bey bails to the outside, then re-enters and hits a elbow and spin kick to Sabin.  Bey takes a minute to soak in the admiration.  He is a heal, but the fans have taken to him because of his style in the ring.  A too sweet chant breaks out.

Sabin schools boys Bey for a one count.  Bey hits a clothesline for a two count.   Bey starts laying in forearms to Sabin, who is on the ground.  Sabin fights his way to his feet.  Bey hits a vertical suplex and locks on a side headlock on the mat.

Sabin hits a rolling fisherman’s buster suplex.  He goes for craddle shock.  Bey breaks free and hits a shoulder breaker.  Sabin blocks a art of finesse.  Bey then climbs the ropes and misses a splash.  Sabin and Bey both then take each other out with a clothesline.

The two fight to their feet and are punching the entire time.  Neither is giving up.  Kicks and punches are flying.  Sabin hits a Craddle Shock out of nowhere and gets the pin.

Winner.  Chris Sabin.

The Good Brothers are shown in an outside location somewhere.. They are on vacation.  Gallows is complaining Impact isn’t listening to their booking ideas.  They threaten to leave vacation and start beating everyone up.  They don’t have a match year for Bound For Glory.

Match 4.  Battle Royal for the Call your shot guantlet match.

Swinger eliminates himself.  Kimber Lee was scaring him.  She is in the match.  W Morrissey and Moose have to be the favorites.  Brian Myers is eliminated.  Laredo Kid is eliminated.  Hernandez and Black Taurus are eliminated clotheslining each other.  Mathew Rehwoldt is eliminated.   We go to break.

Fallah Bahh,  and Kimber Lee have been eliminated.  Ace, Madman Fulton, Morrissey, Moose,  and Sabin are left.  Cardona was eliminated.  Fulton is eliminated and we go to break with 4 left.

The final four are left fighting in the ring.  Ace tries to make friends with W and Moose.  That doesn’t work and they quickly dispose of him.  Moose starts chopping Sabin.  The two are working together over Sabin.  This is Sabin’s second match.  Sabin gets Moose on the apron and knocks him off.

Sabin hits a missile dropkick.  Moose helps W from the outside so he doesn’t go over the top.  This gives Morrissey time to regroup and he lays in some heavy shots.  Sabin tries to fight back, but one Morrissey punch and a toss over the top rope and it is over that quick.

Winner.  W. Morrissey

Morrisey will enter the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match at #20 at Bound For Glory.

Up next is the Summit.  This is a segment to set up the Main Event of Bound for Glory.  The two foes are Josh Alexander and Impact World Champion, Christian Cage.

Before the segment, we we get a Minoru Suzuki vignette.  He is coming to Impact Wrestling!

Josh Matthews is the mediator of this segment.  Christian is asked about his seven years away from the ring.  He says he didn’t come back to see the fans and pat his chest.  He came back to win championships.  Josh is asked about utilizing Option C.  What made him do it.  Josh says the X Division Championship meant everything to him, but after he beat Chris Sabin, Sabin told him to go for Option C.  He is ready to be World Champion.  Matthews asks if he has any regrets giving up the belt.  Josh says not a single one.  Mathews asks Christian if you see any of yourself in Josh.  Christian says he sees the hunger and passion, but that is where the similarities to him end.  He says that is just the way it is.  Matthews asks Josh a similar question.  Alexander says he is a big fan of Christian from the get go.  He is the wild card though.  He knows everything Christian does.  Christian is asked about being on this stage.  He says he has been there.  Josh can’t channel his emotions.  He says you are great, but you can’t swim in the ocean like him.  He says that is a difference between them.  Josh hasn’t been there before and he has.  They bring up a AEW fan convention where a fan asked about Josh Alexander.  Christian acted like he didn’t know who he was.  The clip is shown to Josh.   Josh walked off the set after this furious.  Christian said did I just prove my point about Alexander not being able to keep his emotions in check?

The show ends….




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