Bray Wyatt release news

Oct 14, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

There were reportedly multiple issues in the lead-up to WWE releasing Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) back in the summer.

It was noted by Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast how Wyatt was being a little difficult in the lead-up to his release, and that he had performance issues in the ring, as well as issues with his weight. It was also said that Wyatt just wasn’t happy.

These were not the reasons for Wyatt’s release, according to Zarian, but a number of issues led to the decision to cut the former WWE Universal Champion. It had been reported that Wyatt and others in the company were told that he was released due to budget cuts, but at the time many people in the company reportedly did not believe that was it as Wyatt was a strong merchandise mover and a known money-maker. This new report notes that while finances weren’t the only reason for Wyatt’s release, it was one of many that led to the departure. It was also reiterated that these release decisions are not cut & dry.

The report on Wyatt’s weight issues is interesting as a photo surfaced of Wyatt with a fan, where Wyatt appeared to be in much better shape. You can click here for that photo. The photo surfaced on social media just two days before WWE announced Wyatt’s release.

Rotunda has been rumored to be in talks with AEW and Impact Wrestling, but there’s no solid word on where he is headed next.

WWE released Rotunda from his contract back on Saturday, July 31. If he is under a standard 90-day non-compete clause with WWE, he would become a free agent on Friday, October 29.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. MIKE says:

    So lets “leak” this info 2 weeks before his nc clause is up.

  2. fairfax says:

    Windham’s uncle Barry, his father’s longtime opponent and once upon a time U.S. Express tag team partner, who I believe his name is taken from…though Windham was also the name of Kendall and Blackjack Mulligan so…anyhow, as recently covered on Bruce Prichard’s podcast on Barry’s portrayal of The Stalker in 1996 WWF and how Barry, as The WidowMaker on his previous WWF run, would come and go in not only the Fed but also JCP/WCW because sometimes Barry just liked to go fishing! I’m not saying Windham Rotunda just wanted to go fishing BUT if he wasn’t happy in McMahonLAND then whether he signs with the likely, AEW or with the underdog-fingers crossed, Impact Wrestling he’ll have more free time to fish, hunt, stalk or hell…Kendal and Big Bob, Windham’s grandfather aka Blackjack Mulligan, both took a “federal vacation” in the early 90’s because they weren’t happy either and after a run “printing money”… LITERALLY they took a break from the BIGS and the BUSINESS altogether…thanks to being found guilty of counterfeiting…and who knows? each generation is supposed to be better than the one before…maybe Sister Abigail and Big Husky have perfected the OTHER family business and he’ll never need to work again! Just BOlieve folks! Or maybe The Eater of Worlds really does just plan on being the eater of catfish for a spell! I was thinking if he and brother Bo Dallas returned to the WWE Vince and Bruce could bring in Virgil to reprise his role as Curley Bill and we could see the next gen of The West Texas Rednecks with a McGillicutti in place of a Hennig! Unless TK’s Daddy can buy The WTRN and the rights to Rap is Crap for AEW?!?!

  3. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    If “In-ring” performances were a reason to release someone, Matt Riddle would have been gone long ago, especially after the disastrous match on Raw against Morrison where it was clear that Riddle couldn’t remember the spots and it led to a rather botched finish.

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