Updated brackets for Queen’s Crown and King of the Ring

Oct 12, 2021 - by Staff

The semi-finals of the 2021 WWE King of the Ring Tournament and the inaugural WWE Queen’s Crown Tournament are now set.

Tonight’s RAW saw Xavier Woods defeat Ricochet in a King of the Ring first round match, while Jinder Mahal defeated Kofi Kingston in a first round bout.

Next week’s RAW will feature Woods vs. Mahal in a semi-finals match. The winner of that match will go on to WWE Crown Jewel on Thursday, October 21 face the winner of the Finn Balor vs. Sami Zayn match on this Friday’s SmackDown.

The winner of Woods or Mahal vs. Balor or Zayn at Crown Jewel will be crowned the 2021 WWE King of the Ring.

Regarding the inaugural Queen’s Crown Tournament, tonight’s RAW saw Shayna Baszler defeat Dana Brooke in a first round bout, while Doudrop defeated Natalya.

Next week’s RAW will feature Baszler vs. Doudrop in a semi-finals match. The winner of that match will advance to Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia to face the winner of Friday’s Carmella vs. Zelina Vega semi-finals match on SmackDown.

The winner of Baszler or Doudrop vs. Carmella or Vega at Crown Jewel will be crowned the inaugural WWE Queen’s Crown Tournament winner.

As noted, last Friday’s SmackDown saw Balor defeat Cesaro to advance to the semi-finals of the King of the Ring Tournament, while Zayn defeated Rey Mysterio to advance. SmackDown also saw Carmella defeat Liv Morgan to advance to the semi-finals of the Queen’s Crown Tournament, while Vega defeated Toni Storm to advance.

Stay tuned for more on the 2021 King of the Ring Tournament and the inaugural Queen’s Crown Tournament. Below are related shots from tonight’s RAW, along with a look at the updated brackets:

2 Responses

  1. Snip says:

    Most likely results for the women’s Semi-Finals given WWE’s booking.
    Zelina Vega over Carmella with help from Liv Morgan.
    Shayna Baszler over Doudrop with help from Eva Marie.

    As for the men are WWE going for KIng Zayn? (which sounds better than King Sami) King Balor? King Mahal? (whom is giving the WWE fans a Disney King John vibe) or King Xavier/King Woods? (which would also be Woods first non tag team achivement since his days in Deep South Wrestling and East Coast Wrestling Association if Woods were to become King) Right now the common believe among fans is that Jinder Mahal will win since the final is being held in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel.

  2. What? says:

    Doudrop might get some kind of “out of nowhere” upset victory since she’s the only face left in the women’s field to set up a face vs. heel final. I do think whichever of Vega or Carmella wins the semifinal will win the final since WWE seems to prefer a heel king/queen (let’s face it, a power-mad ego-tripping tyrant is a better storyline than a benevolent ruler) and either of them would be the best kind of insufferable in that role. Which of them wins depends on whether Vega has jobbed her way out of the doghouse yet, though with some recent victories that’s a possibility.

    And I know I just said WWE prefers a heel, but I’ve got a feeling about Woods on the men’s side. Kofi and Big E have both reached the pinnacle now, so this could be WWE’s way to finally give him something of his own apart from New Day. It goes against my normal instincts regarding WWE’s booking, so anything could happen – Balor’s already a Prince, Zayn would be the most insufferable, and Mahal…well, even though Saudi Arabia and India are different places, “maharaja” literally means “king.”

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