Notes on Bobby Fish, Liv Morgan, possible WM 40 location, and birthdays

Oct 11, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

– According to Fightful Select, there was a point in time where Liv Morgan was booked to win the Carmella match but WWE decided to change plans. Fightful also noted the following….

“We’ve heard significant frustration from talent and staff alike about the booking of the women’s division of late, and the time given in multiple situations.”

Bobby Fish, who signed with the company earlier this week, was recommended by the Young Bucks & Who were the ones who mostly put the deal together for the former NXT Star

Fish signed a full-time deal, and the announcement was withheld until after his match with Sammy Guevara. They wanted to make it look like an outsider coming in and trying to win, as opposed to someone under contract with a regular match getting made



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