Shawn Stasiak on why he thinks modern wrestling sucks

Oct 10, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck


This week’s guest on WSI | Wrestling Shoot Interviews on YouTube is Shawn Stasiak. On today’s clip, Stasiak talks about why he agrees with Jim Cornette’s take on modern wrestling, how he doesn’t understand why Adam Cole is so popular, CM Punk and more!

Shawn Stasiak: Jim Cornette is CORRECT on Modern Wrestling | Adam Cole, CM Punk, AEW & More –

New clips will be uploaded for the next few days where Shawn covers many topics, including: why THE UNDERTAKER is such a cool guy in real life, the harshest rib ever played on him, why he HATED his father Stan “The Man” Stasiak’s WWE Hall of Fame legacy induction in 2018, the tape recorder incident that got him fired from the WWF in 1999, why CHRIS JERICHO is the most talented wrestler he has ever worked with, Terri Runnels as a manager, disliking the “Meat” character, why he’s grateful to Vince Russo and more.



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