Impact Report, 10/7/21

Oct 7, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown are on the call for this weeks episode from the Impact Zone.

A recap of last week’s show airs and it features the return of Christopher Daniels.

Match 1.  6 Man Tag. Bullet Club, Hikuleo, Phantasmo and Chris Bey VS Fin Juice, (David Finley and Juice Robinson) and Chris Sabin

Sabin and Bey start it off.  Super fast start.  Lots of speed and agility shown, but neither gain an advantage and PTM and Juice tag in.  Juice hits a inverted atomic drop and a regular atomic drop.  He seems to be channeling Randy Savage a lot.  After a few quick tags by the fan favorite team, Juice takes a thumb to the eye and Bey tags back in.  Juice tries to fight back, but Bey is too much.  PTM and Bey make a few quick tags until Hikuleo finally enters.  Finley sneaks a tag.  He dropkicks Leo.  Leo hits a big boot to the face.  PTM and Bey enter.  Finley clears them out and hits a backbreaker on PTM.  Sabin tags back in and uses his feet to clear the ring.  DDT on PTM.  Juice, Finley and Sabin all dive to the Bullet Club on the outside in tandem.

Good Brothers are shown looking on from a monitor.

Bey gets a long two on a powerbomb on Sabin.  Sabin takes the Art of Finesse and Bey gets the pin.  Hikuleo interfered to help the cause.

Winners. Bullet Club

Gia Miller interviews Josh Alexander backstage.  He is tagging with World Champion, Christian Cage.  He says normally this would be an honor to tag with him.  Tonight he says will watch his Bound For Glory foe beat up Madman Fulton and Ace Austin.  

Heath (Slater) enters the arena in street clothes.  He came to the defense of Rhino last week in his return.  Rhino didn’t totally show his support in saving him from Violent By Design.  He is returning from a injury.  He thanks his family for supporting him.  He said what made him the most sad was he lost his best friend.  When Rhino went off with VBD, he became a different man.  He blames Eric Young for this.  He calls out Rhino to the arena to talk.  VBD, led by EY enter the arena.  Rhino is not with the group.  EY says Rhino is gone.  EY says he is better now.  EY says you don’t talk to Rhino anymore.  He says he speaks for him now.  VBD enter the ring.  EY tells Heath to leave and never come back.  Heath refuses to leave and listen to EY.  Heath attacks VBD, but numbers are too much.  Deaner and Joe Doering hold up Heath for EY to pound on him.  EY grabs a flag pole and starts using it as a weapon.  Heath is down on the mat.  No Rhino.  EY drapes the flag over Heath as the segment ends.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann are interviewed backstage.  Willie is approached by Ziggy Dice and Manny Lemons.  Rich asks if they want to have a tag match and they agree.  Dice and Manny leave and find Brian Myers, VSK and Sam Beale.  They tell Myers and VSK they are going to tag against Swann and Mack.  Myers is disgusted they think they are ready for a match like this and he and VSK walk off to Myers bus for some chicken wings.  Beale tells Ziggy and Lemons they need to see how cool Myers bus is.

Match 2.  Lady Frost, Brandi Lauren and Kimber Lee VS Tasha Steelz, Savanah Evans and Mercedes Martinez

Lady Frost seems lost standing next to Brandi and Kimber in their  Su Yung attire.  Martinez and Evans start the match taking over with their size.  Lady Frost and Brandi don’t have any defense.  We go to break.

Back from break, Tasha is working over Brandi in the ring.  Brandi is in bad shape.  Brandi clotheslines Tasha out of there corner.  Tasha refuses to tag Martinez in and Kimber Lee tags in and attacks her from behind.  Evans makes the save.  Brandi attacks Evans, Martinez saves her and hits a big bood on Kimber.  Tasha runs in and gets the pin.

Winner Tasha Steelz, Mercedes Martinez and Savanah Evans. 

Martinez and Tasha argue post match.  Alisha Edwards enters with a kendo stick and attacks Kimber Lee and Brandi from behind.  Security carry Alisha from the ring.

Back with another episode of All About Me.   Special guest DecayTenile starts swearing and they have to bleep her commentary.  Rosemary loves the swearing.  She then asks Tenile if they feel lucky?  Tenile is scared.  Rosemary said she doesn’t get dismissed.  She is now in control.  She starts scaring Madison and Tenille.  They run off and Kaleb follows.

Moose and W. Morrissey they did what they did because Sami deserved.  They say they will dominate at Bound For Glory.

Match 3.  Triple Threat.  Steve Maclin VS Black Taurus VS Petey Williams.  The winner will qualify for the Triple Threat at Bound For Glory.

The three waste no time going at it full tilt.  Petey hits a ranna on Taurus.  He then hits a basement back dropkick.  Taurus blocks a suplex.  Taurus planchas on Maclin and then Petey does the same.  Petey then stomps Taurus on the apron.  Maclin suplexes Petey from there.  Maclin then hits a vertical suplex on Taurus.  Taurus slams Macklin and Petey hits a Russian on Taurus.  Petey then hits a running knee on Maclin.

Petey DDT’s Maclin.  Taurus is down.  Petey is first back to his feet.  The three start punching each other strong style.  Taurus wins the exhange and slams Maclin.  Petey hits a Code Breaker.  Taurus hits a crossbody off the top on Petey.  Maclin breaks up the two.  Taurus takes a Destroyer.  Maclin hits a pile driver on Petey and wins by pinfall.

Winner.  Maclin

Maclin and Trey Miguel have qualified so far.  One spot left.

Christian is interviewed backstage. He tells Josh Alexander to keep your emotions in check in their tag match tonight.  Christopher Daniels walks up and says he wants to become the Impact World Champion.  He tells Christian to think about when he wants to answer the challenge.

Back at Swinger’s Palace, Johnny is completely stressed about going to Vegas.   Hernandez is helping Swinger pack up for the trip to Vegas.  They make fun of the posters of Jeff Jarrett among others.

Match 4.  The Learning Tree, Ziggy Dice and Manny Lemons VS Rich Swann and Willie Mack

The Learning Tree attack from behind to start.  That doesn’t last long.  Ziggy and Mack are left in the ring.  Mack is all over Ziggy and hits a big splash.  Swann tags in and they crush him.  He tags in to Manny.  Mack tags back in and he lays in a few chops.  He then squeezes Lemons nipples.  LOL.

Swann lays in a few punches to Lemon’s kidney.  Ziggy comes in, but is tossed right away.  Swann and Mack hit a elevated neck breaker and it is over that quick.

Winners. Mack and Swann.

Sam Beale, Brian Myers and VSK jump Swann and Mack from behind.  Ziggy and Lemons join in on the beatdown.  Myers stands tall with his crew as the segment ends.

Scott D’Amore, Deonna Purrazzo and Gail Kim are in a meeting about last weeks fight with Mickie James at her home.  James crashes the meeting and attacks Purrazzo.  D’Amore says you will fight not touch until Bound for Glory.  Kim says until then each can pick each others opponent at Knockouts Knockdown this Saturday.

Match 5.  Main Event.  Josh Alexander and Impact World Champion, Christian Cage VS Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

The tension between the champion and challenger is very high.  It feels very strange they are partners.  They are playing this angle very different than the hokey way WWE sets up tags with two guys about to enter in a match.  There is no smirks and bad jokes.  This is all business.

The match begins with Christian and Fulton.  Fulton muscles Cage to the ground.  Christian ducks a punch and hits a few of his own, but Fulton catches him and whips him into the buckle.  Alexander tags in and Fulton clotheslines them both.  Ace tags in and he goes to work on Josh.  He hits a few knee strikes, but Josh backdrops him off the ropes.  Josh hits a vertical suplex.   Ace gets a cheap shot and tosses Josh to the outside.  He works Josh over on the outside and brings him back in.  Ace then hits a spinning leg kick and we go to break.

Ace is in with Josh as we return.  Ace hits a big buzz saw kick for a two count.  Ace drives a knee to Josh’s head, but Josh fights his way out of the corner.  Christian tags in and Ace injures his arm on the barricade after missing a dive to the outside.  Cage goes right to work.  Christian hits a Unprettier.  Ace kicks out and locks on a front face lock.  Fulton tags back in and hits several diving head buts.

Fulton then slows the match down, stomping on the champion.  Christian finally gets to his feet, but Fulton hits a knee to the stomach and then back.  He then locks on a unique headlock with his arm wrapped inside the other arm crushing the neck.  Christian desperately needs a tag.  Ace hits a kick to the head and Fulton hits a splash.  Christian is in bad shape.  Ace takes out Josh on the apron.  Christian hits a spear out of nowhere.  Josh gets to the apron and Josh and Fulton tag in.  Fulton misses a kick and Josh connects with a slam onto the top rope.  He hits a F5.  Fulton kicks out at one.  Josh starts with the Germans.  Fulton can’t break the waste lock.  Finally he backs Josh into the corner.  Ace tags in and they hits a double suplex.  Christian breaks up the Fold.  Josh misses a C4.  Ace goes for a kick and Josh grabs the ankle.  Ace gets out of the ankle lock.  Josh hits a chaos, but Christian made a blind tag.  Christian hits the kills switch and gets the pin.

Winners.  Josh Alexander and Christian Cage.

Alexander is very annoyed Christian stole the glory and tells Christian.  Christian pats his shoulder and raises his hand in victory and walks off as the show ends.






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