Update on Brian Knobs

Oct 3, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Posted on Facebook:

Hello everyone, Brian has given me access to his account because he is unable to post due to his condition. Brian was moved into a physical rehab facility and was progressing well until an unfortunate accident happen where he fell breaking his clavicle and cracking his head which required over 9 stitches. This has slowed down his progress alot as he now has to recover from his latest injuries. His spirits are still high however his personal and medical bills are mounting. We are now looking to get him into a more adequate rehab Center as this one is based in a seniors facility and cannot properly facilitate Brian’s needs. Brian would like to personally thank everyone for all the love and continued support. Let’s help our nasty friend on his journey to a full recovery.


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  1. Jon says:

    Hey Hogan

    Help your boy

  2. Bobbt says:

    F that guy.

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