Liv Morgan on Ruby Soho: “She just helped me believe in myself”

Oct 2, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

In a recent interview on My Mom’s Basement, Liv Morgan discussed becoming more confident in WWE, how Ruby Soho has helped her with confidence issues, and much more. You can read her comments below.

Liv Morgan on becoming more confident in herself in WWE: “I think just over time and having different opportunities. I feel like leading up to Money in the Bank, and since then, I’ve been presented with so many opportunities. So, when I do well, I’m like, ‘I can do that, and it was great. I’m only going to keep on getting better.’ It’s just doing things that build up confidence within myself but then also knowing you’re gonna nail it anyway. I have to kind of trick myself a little bit. But I love and hate that. I understand it, but I’m not trying to fake it.”

On her friendship with Ruby Soho and how she’s helped with confidence issues: “Throughout my friendship with her, everyone has self-doubts, everyone has moments where they just don’t feel their best. I feel like the constant pain with me was like, maybe I don’t feel good enough. I secretly don’t feel good enough. Ruby would always be like, ‘You don’t even know how good you are. These people don’t know even how good you are.’ She just would be so supportive. She would be really good for my self-confidence and my self-belief. Still, I have moments where I’m lacking confidence or self-esteem and I just talk to Ruby and I’ll just be like, ‘Dude, I’m going through it right now.’ She’ll give me that confirmation and validation that I’m not really looking for, but hearing it from her, it just puts me at ease. I believe in her so much and I’m like, ‘OK.’ She’s been so supportive every single week. She texts me before all my segments like, ‘I’m watching you, good luck, I love you. You’re the best.’ I’m like, ‘Yes. Ruby is watching. I got this, I’m the best. She said so, so it’s real.’ She just helped me believe in myself a lot and just know that I might be the shit.”

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