Santana Garrett: “I’m Talking To A Few Different Companies”

Sep 28, 2021 - by James Walsh

Former WOW world champion Santana Garrett recently spoke with Lucha Libre Online about a number of different topics, including her appearance for AEW and how she’s speaking to several companies about a potential job. Highlights are below.

Talks her recent AEW Dark appearance and how it resembled the Impact Zone:

“When it airs, you’ll see. Some people won’t understand it, but I did a promo and the first thing I said is, ‘Well this place looks a little familiar. We were literally in the IMPACT Zone from ten years ago at Universal Studios.”

Says she’s talking to a few different companies and keeping options open:

“I’m keeping my options open. I’m talking to a few different companies. I’m not opposed to going somewhere I’ve already been. I feel like I’ve kept relationships up over the years with a lot these promoters that I’ve worked for. I’ve never left a company with ill will. Right now, I’m just keeping my options open. I have a few things coming up. Stay tuned people.”

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