Keith Lee talks Raw return

Sep 28, 2021 - by Staff

Despite the new nickname and look, Keith Lee says his mission is the same now that he’s back in action on WWE RAW.

As noted, Lee returned to WWE TV during this week’s RAW and debuted his new “Bearcat” nickname, billed as Keith “Bearcat” Lee for his quick squash win over Akira Tozawa. Lee is also sporting a beard like he has in the past, new in-ring attitude, and WWE has changed his theme again.

Lee, wearing a t-shirt for fiancée Mia Yim, appeared with Kevin Patrick for a post-show interview on RAW Talk. Lee responded with a stern “No” when Patrick asked if there’s something to be said for his new attitude, and if he had anything at all to share about what he did to Tozawa.

Patrick then asked about the WWE Draft and where Lee’s head is as WWE prepares for Draft Night 1 on Friday’s SmackDown, and then Night 2 on next week’s RAW.

“Same place it was tonight,” Lee answered. “It doesn’t matter who’s across the ring, it doesn’t matter what side they fall on, RAW or SmackDown, whoever stands across the ring from me will realize the same thing that you are right now – the mission is the same, the person they thought they knew is ever so slightly different.”

“And I don’t think he has anymore questions left,” Lee said, snatching the mic and giving it back.

There’s no word on what WWE has planned for Lee, but it was believed that he was in line for a push when brought back to the storylines.

It’s believed that the “Bearcat” nickname is a reference to Bearcat Wright, a popular African American pro wrestler from the 1950s and 1960s, who was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame’s Legacy Wing in 2017. The name could also be a reference to Bearcat Brown, an innovative African American wrestler who usually worked the Memphis area in the 1960s and 1970s.

Stay tuned for more on Bearcat in WWE. You can see Lee’s match and post-show interview below:

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