Dave Bautista adopts abused puppy, offers reward to find culprit

Sep 28, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

Dave Bautista is offering a $5,000 reward for information about his newly-adopted puppy to find the culprit who left the dog embedded with a metal chain in her neck.

His friends and other celebrities added $7,000 more to the $5,000 reward following the touching story he posted on Instagram.

The former WWE champion adopted the severly-abused three-month-old puppy, named Penny, from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

“This dog was found abandoned in a cemetery eating garbage and went home in Dave Bautista’s Rolls Royce,” Sherry Silk, CEO of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay told the Tampa Bay Times. “Talk about a rags to riches story!”

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan from the Walking Dead added $500 to the reward and actor Mickey Rourke offered $1,000. The Humane Society added $1,500 and Alvarez Injury Law in Tampa added another $5,000.

Following surgery to remove the metal chain, Bautista said that the puppy is recovering well and she will never be abused again a day in her life. “She’s going to live her best puppy life ever.”

Anyone with information on the abuse of the dog can email sherrys@humanesocietytampa.org or call 813-774-4309.

5 Responses

  1. Kyle Christie says:

    A happy ending for such a bad start to life for that little puppy. I just don’t understand what these sickos get out of abusing animals or people. I hope the culprit is found and punished to the fullest extent of the law (punishments need to be a lot harsher than they are).

  2. John says:

    Yeah I fall into that category where the punishments should be way higher for someone who abuses or tortures animals such as cats or dogs or other animals.

  3. Brad says:

    Not trying to be funny but I hope if the culprit gets found he gets a Batista bomb on a bed of nails. That being said Dave you did a great thing and I hope you and that pup have a wonderful life together.

  4. Redserb says:

    Humans can be the worst species on the planet …..sometimes it makes you ashamed to be part f the human race. Well done Big Dave – legend

  5. Stonz says:

    Much respect for Big Dave. Way to go, my man. Thank you!

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