Rampage Grand Slam Results, 9/24/21

Sep 24, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from tonight’s massive 2 HOUR special edition of Rampage. The show is in New York, at Arthur Ash Stadium.

Show begins with Excalibur, Ricky Starks and Taz are on commentary.

Match 1.  Powerhouse Hobbs (with Hook) VS CM Punk

AEW starts off again with a Main Event caliber match to start the show.  The crowd is electric for Punk.  This is the first nationally TV match for Punk in seven years.

Punk hits a dropkick to start the match.  He is all over Hobbs with punches and kicks.  Hobbs pulls him in with a headbutt.  Punk hits a drop toe hold off the ropes.  He then hits a Russian Leg Sweep.  Hook tries to talk smack on the outside.  This gives Hobbs a chance to recover and strike from behind.

Punk fights back to his feet, but Hobbs neutralizes him with a knee to the gut.  Hobbs is in control with punches and a massive body block.   Tazz says Hobbs can win with ease.  Hobbs uses the ropes to choke Punk and then runs the ropes and hurls his body on Punks neck.  We go to break.

Hobbs pounded on Punk during the break.  The split screen was used during the commercials.  Punk hits a few back elbows.  Punk then hits a back spin kick and leg lariat.  Punk is feeling it and hits a neck breaker.  Punk then goes to the high knee in the corner.   Next he goes to the top and hits the Macho Man elbow.  Punk misses a GTS and Hobbs Sidewalk Slams him out of it for a two count.  Punk recovers, slips behind a waste lock and locks on a suplex.  Hobbs is going out, but powers up and drops Punk backwards.  Hobbs hits a Stampede Slam for a two count.

Hobbs takes to long climbing the ropes.  Punk hits a ranna off the top.  Hobbs kicks out at two.  Punk is now bleeding from the nose.  Punk locks on the triangle.  Hobbs stands up and powerslams himself free and gets a two count.

Hobbs and Punk start trading blows in the center of the ring.  Punk is bloody, but hits a big kick.  Punk hits the GTS after a failed attempt by Hook to interfere and gets the win by pinfall.

Winner.  CM PUNK

Thunder Rosa has a vignette backstage featuring a package that also speaks of Jade and Nila Rose.  It looks like a 3 Way dance is coming.

Match 2.  The Super Kliq, Adam Cole, Nick and Matt Jackson (with Don Callis, Brandon Cutler and Doc Gallows) VS Impact World Champion, Christian Cage, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus (with Marco Stunt)

Callis joins the commentary crew and notes Christian is leaching off the up and coming young talent, Jungle Boy.

Matt Jackson and Christian start off, after Cole pretends to want to be in the match.  Christian takes a few punches, but ducks a splash in the corner and lays in some chops.  Interesting the fans don’t seem to have a problem screaming the Wooooo chants.  Jungle Boy tags in and he and Christian double team the Young Bucks.  Nick had nothing to stop them when he tagged in.  JB  actually took out both Bucks himself.  He starts calling out Adam Cole.  They start chasing each other around the ring and the Bucks catch him with a superkick.  Luchasaurus tries to help, but the Bucks are too much and connect with tandem kicks.  We go to break, but not before the Cole locks Jungle Boy in a Camel Clutch and the Bucks do the kiss on the check move and basement dropkick JB for good measure.

The Bucks are in the ring working on Jungle Boy as we return, JB gets to his corner and makes the tag.  Luchasaurus enters and clears the ring.  The fans love him.  The Bucks and Cole all get face kicked and then he backhand choke slams Cole on Nick Jackson.  That was an incredible display of strength.  He gets a two count after choke slamming Nick Jackson.  Finally the numbers prove too much and the Bucks take control until Christian breaks it up.  The match has broken down at this point.  The Bucks then take him out with a double superkick.  Jungle Boy takes the kicks as well.  JB averts a Bang for your Buck and takes everyone out.  He suplexes Matt Jackson off the top and then Christian hits a top rope splash that the crowd pops huge for.

JB locks on the Snake Trap.  Gallows gets on the ropes to distract JB.   He releases the hold and Jackson gets free.  Everyone enters the ring and starts brawling.  JB, Christian and the Bucks move their brawl to the ramp.  The Bucks get the best of them there and toss JB to the floor from the elevated ramp.  Luchasaurus and Cole get to their feet.  Cole hits a few Wizards and then a Panama Sunrise.  BTE Trigger and a Boom from Cole and we get a three count.

Winners.  Super Kliq

Match 3. Men of the Year, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky (with Dan Lambert) VS Chris Jericho and Jake Hager

The NY fans have a great time with the sing along to Judas.

Scorpio and Jericho start off.  Sky was the first man to pin Chris in an AEW ring.

Jericho hits a back suplex to start the match and flips off Ethan on the outside.  Jericho works over Sky in the corner.  Hagar tags in.  Sky hits a jaw breaker, tagging in Ego.  Ethan doesn’t keep the advantage and gets backed into the corner and worked over.  Jericho tags in and Page gets out of the corner and uses his black bet skills to back elbow Jericho.

Back from a quick break, Sky has Hagar in a rear chin lock.  He tags in Page.  Hager hits a clothesline.  Both make the tag.  Jericho takes out Page on the apron and hits a double axe off the top rope.  Sky misses a dropkick and Jericho hits the Lionsault.  Hagar tags in and beals him.  He then hits a Hagar bomb for two.  Hagar then locks on the ankle lock.  Page charges and Jericho stops him and locks on the Walls of Jericho.  Scorpio gets free and takes a chokeslam.  Jericho releases his hold and takes to the air on the outside on Page with a dive.  Lambert grabs Hagar’s leg as he crosses the ropes.  Hagar loses his balance and Sky roles him up for the three count.

Winners.  Men of the Year

Lambert is very proud of himself on the outside.  Hagar loses it and takes out MOTY on the outside.  Hagar and Jericho grab Lambert.  Out comes Junior Del Santos and the rest of American Top Team.  They surround the ring.  Dan Arlovski and Del Santos lead the attack on Jericho and Hagar.  Page Van Sant takes repeated body shots on Jericho.  Magadol then hits a huge knee to Jericho’s face.  They end the segment celebrating, while Jericho is bloody.

Match 4.  AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Lucha Brothers and Santana and Ortiz (with Alex Abrahantes) VS Private Party and the Butcher and the Blade (with Bunny and Matt Hardy)

This is just a brawl from the outset.  Ortiz, Penta, Santana and Ray Fenix all take out their foes and then fly to the outside for good measure.  Blade somehow re-enters and gets kicked from every direction by all four members of the fan favorites.

Butcher comes in and makes the save.  The ref has no control of this match and Starks makes a comment about it on commentary.  Butcher hits a powerbomb on Fenix.   Matt Hardy tries to cut Santana’s hair, out comes Orange Cassidy.  Jack Evans tries to cut him off.  He gets taken out.  We go to break.

Quen hits several high spots on behalf of Private Party.  Penta hits a backbreaker on Isaiah.  Butcher hits a crossbody on Penta.  Fenix hits a back heal kick.  Blade takes him out with a clothesline.  The fans are all on their feet.  This is non stop.

Blade tags in Quen.  Penta is back in.  Penta hits a sling blade.  Fenix hits a Foot Stomp Fear Factor,  Santana and Ortiz hit a Street Sweeper and it is over.

Winner by pinfall.  Santana and Ortiz and the Lucha Brothers.

Matt Hardy and Jack Evans are with Tony Schiavone backstage.  Hardy challenges Orange Cassidy to a hair vs hair match.  Then he says.. It will be Jack Evans hair on the line.  Evans says oh hell no.  Hardy tells him this match will be easy for Jack to win.  He tells him he better win.  Jack becomes intimidated and backs down.

Sammy Guevara and Fuego Del Sol head out to the ramp.  He is carrying his signs.  He is baiting Mero for their match next Wednesday on Dynamite.  Mero sneaks behind and attacks Sammy, throwing him to the floor of the arena.  Fuego is then grabbed, but Sammy gets back to his feet and goes back on the attack.  The two are brawling.  Mero then takes out Sammy again.  Fuego then gets bealed to the floor on a table.  Good grief that was a toss.  Mero then locks on the Game Over.

Andrade has a vignette next.   He calls out Pac.

Match 5.  Anna Jay (representing the Dark Order) VS Penelope Ford

Bunny and Conte are not seconding their friends to the ring.  We will see if they show up.

Jay attacks Ford on the ramp before the match begins.  She then drags her to the ring.  Ford goes for a dive and spills from the ring.  Jay follows and rams the back of Ford into the apron.  Back in the ring, she hits a series of elbows.  She then locks on a sleeper.

Bunny shows up on the apron.  Jay releases the hold.  Ford catches here from behind and capitalizes.  Ford starts choking Anna on the ropes as we go to break.

Anna has the sleeper back on, but Ford backs her into the corner.  Bunny distracts the ref, tosses brass knuckles to Ford.  The ref is in lala land and Ford connects with a right hand.  She gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Penelope Ford.

Tay Conti runs the ramp to help her friend Anna.  She quickly is overpowered by the two on one numbers.  Matt Hardy and the rest of his stable enter.  Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander enter the arena and walk to the ring.  Hardy and crew are blocking their entrance.  Cassidy is doing is hand in the pocket thing.  Just then, the Dark Order music is heard and the entire group come out.  They chase off Hardy’s group and it seems the Dark Order have reunited and are back on the same page again however, Uno and Grayson walk off without shaking hands with the rest of the group.

Next we get a split screen interview between Lance Archer and Minoru Suzuki and Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley.  They will be going at it in the main event shortly.  The two teams seem to fight in NYC.

Match 6.  Main Event. Minoru Suzuki and The Murderhawk Monster, Lance Archer VS Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston

This is a No DQ, Unsanctioned, Lights Out Match.

Minoru’s song is played on TV for his entire walk to the ring.  This is accompanied by vintage Archer from his NJPW days.  He is beating up everyone and has weapons.

Moxley and Kingston enter threw the sea of fans to Wild Thing.

The match starts right on the floor.  This will be nuts.  Minoru grabs chairs and gives one to Moxley.  They start jousting.  Eddie ends up in the ring with Minoru.  The fans love it.  Eddie is home in NY.  They start trading chops strong style.  Kingston hits a back heal trip and gets a table.  He sets it up in the corner.  Minoru fights back and kicks Eddie back and he falls threw the table.  Moxley and Archer enter the ring.  Suzuki and Archer take control.  Lance takes out some ring attendants too.  He chokeslams Moxley to the floor, where he lands Moxley on a pile of the attendants.  Moxley recovers and starts brawling with Minoru.  Archer gets a belt and wraps it around Moxley’s neck.  He then throws him over the ropes and hangs him.  We go to break.

Back from break, they have Moxley’s arms tied behind each other.  Suzuki is whipping Moxley with a belt.  Jon is defenseless and Minoru looks to Lance.  Archer brings in a can lid.  He starts beating Mox with it.  Minoru gets a cane.  Archer and Eddie start battling on the outside.  Archer uses the lid to gain the upper hand.  Archer leaves Eddie laying and goes back to the belt around Mox’s neck.  He holds Moxley back from the rear chin lock position, but holds the belt instead.  Moxley spits at Minoru showing know fear.  Suzuki starts punching and biting Moxley.  Archer releases the belt and beats Moxley with the kendo stick.  He hits Kingston again on the floor.  Moxley gets bit some more.  Eddie comes in firing and hits a spin kick that drops Minoru.  He then pokes Archer’s eyes ala Roddy Piper.  The fans loved that, ode to Piper.  After machine gun chops, Eddie hits a exploder on Lance.  Minoru is waiting though and locks on the sleeper from behind.  Archer then grabs him and hits a spinning, sidewalk slam.  Suzuki grabs more chairs.  Moxley is still down.  Suzuki sets up a few chairs back to back.  Just then the music hits.  Homicide enters!

He has a chair.  He beats Archer with and Suzuki and frees Moxley.  Suzuki takes him out from behind, but Moxley is free and lands the Paradigm Shift on Suzuki.  Eddie is recovered and Archer eats a couple back elbows.  Moxley hits another Paradigm Shift on Archer.  Homicide hands Eddie a garbage can.  He puts Archer in the can and beats the can with the cane repeatedly.  This goes on for a long time.  Kingston has went nuts.  Finally he stops, then hits him a few more times and rolls over Archer and gets the pin.

Winners.. Moxley and Kingston  

Moxley and Suzuki continue to fight on the outside.  Eventually Homicide, Moxley and Kingston all celebrate in the ring.






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  1. John says:

    Cornette is right! The Young Bucks annoy me when they break the rules! I had a very hard time watching the match when the Young Bucks were both in the ring longer than 2 minutes it’s an eyesore. Rules are in place in wrestling so that heels break them and in turn gets heat.

  2. John says:

    The 6 man tag sucked

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