Tommy Dreamer off Busted Open Radio

Sep 20, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Tommy Dreamer has been removed from his position as co-host of the SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio.

As we’ve noted, Dreamer has received backlash for his comments on WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and his “Plane Ride from Hell” behavior from last Thursday’s Dark Side of the Ring episode on ViceTV. You can click here for details on what was said on the episode, and click here for details on Impact Wrestling suspending Dreamer. You can also click here for Dreamer’s statement.

In an update, Busted Open host Dave LaGreca opened today’s episode and said Dreamer’s comments will not be tolerated.

“I felt that I needed to start off today’s show to talk about a few different things. I’m still quite frankly shocked by what Tommy said. I think that was definitely out of character of the Tommy that I know and has been hosting the show for a few years now. I can’t and will not defend the comments because they’re indefensible,” LaGreca said. “And quite frankly, the things that Tommy said, Tommy f-cked up. Tommy f-cked up on Thursday, and what he said was insensitive and won’t be tolerated.”

LaGreca continued and announced that Dreamer is off the show for the time being.

“A lot of people say about ‘In 2021, you can say this, you can’t say that…’ It doesn’t matter if it’s 2021, 1998 or 1985—it doesn’t matter. As a father, as a husband, knowing that my daughter just turned 18 and she’s about to go out into the world, going to start college soon and now is working, these are things that I think about for my own family,” LaGreca said. “People have had to worry about this for years, and there’s just no f-ckin’ place for it, there really isn’t. There’s no place for this type of thought process, these types of comments and these types of actions. And as I said, they’re indefensible.

“A lot of people have been looking to us now about what we’re going to do about Tommy and Tommy’s future, and as far as Tommy’s future on Busted Open, for the time being, he’s off the show. How long, I don’t know. I don’t know how long Tommy’s going to be off the show. I think he needs some time, I think he needs some time to reflect and understand how his comments hurt, his attitude hurt,” he explained, “and I don’t know if you can put a timetable on that. So if you’re looking for that, I don’t have an answer, but for the time being, Tommy’s going to be off of Busted Open.”

LaGreca went on to say he can’t think about people on the internet, but he has to think about the people that were hurt by Dreamer’s comments, adding that it goes far beyond the show, himself and pro wrestling. LaGreca said this was something that needed to be changed in general, and hopefully, it’s a good step in moving forward the way it needs to.

Stay tuned for more on fallout from the “Plane Ride from Hell” DSOTR episode. You can click here for news on a Flair advertising campaign being suspended, and click here for news on Flair losing an upcoming appearance.

(H/T to Wrestlezone for the quotes)

5 Responses

  1. MRK says:

    This is gonna kill the Dark Side of the Ring. No one is gonna wanna go on a show that will kill your career for being honest

  2. Alan Maynor says:

    Thats a fact

  3. CM Chippunk says:

    Tommy Dreamer needs to wear a #MeToo pussyhat as a dunce cap and apologize for his ponytail. By sporting longer hair, he is appropriating womxnhood, and therefore, a misogynist and male supremacist. This has been a long time coming for this pig!

  4. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    A few hot takes here. Okay, for one this isn’t going to kill Dark Side of The Ring. If anything, people will choose their words more carefully. This was all going to come out in the open eventually. Let’s just pump the break before we starting digging the grave for Dark Side Of The Ring.

  5. art123guy says:

    @Disgruntled Jobber–Agreed. The show will end when they can’t find interesting stories to tell or stories anyone cares about, not because someone said something stupid.

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