Ric Flair apparently loses booking

Sep 20, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has apparently been pulled from the upcoming New York Comic Con event.

Scout Comics announced back on September 14 that The Nature Boy would be appearing at their NYCC booth on Saturday, October 9 and Sunday, October 10 for an “Exclusive Comic Book Launch” promotion. Flair was appearing on behalf of Fiterman Sports.

In an update, PWInsider points to how Flair is no longer being advertised for the convention appearance.

Fiterman Sports and Scout Comics have deleted their tweets on Flair’s appearance, but no official announcement has been made as of this writing.

As noted last week, Flair received significant backlash over Dark Side of the Ring’s episode on the infamous WWE “Plane Ride from Hell” from May 2002, which aired last Thursday. You can click here for details on the backlash, and click here for news on Flair’s Car Shield ad campaign being paused. Tommy Dreamer was suspended by Impact Wrestling for his comments on Flair made during the episode, as detailed here. Dreamer’s statement can be read here.

Stay tuned for more on Flair and fallout from the Dark Side of the Ring episode.

4 Responses

  1. It goes to show you you got to watch what you do all these years later it’s biting Nature Boy in the butt

  2. Sean says:

    Sooooo….when does he debut in AEW?

  3. Adam says:

    This is what happens when you have a couple of marks making behind the scenes wrestling documentaries. If Flair did what he’s accused of then all that shows is what we already know, Flair is a self absorbed POS. Tommy should’ve known better than to say anything. Husney and Eisener should show a bit more tact in how they present things because now it doesn’t matter how Flair or Tommy are in real life 20 years later.. now they’re going to be done in by the woke generation.

  4. art123guy says:

    @Adam–Tommy’s comments weren’t made 20 years ago so your last sentence can only apply to Flair.

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