Notes on Big E and Eddie Kingston

Sep 20, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Eddie Kingston may be a star in AEW, but he turned right into a fan in the presence of Sting for the first time in the ring. Kingston spoke with Inside the Ropes and talked about being in the ring with the Icon at AEW Dynamite Homecoming when Sting got involved in the post-match brawl.

“I saw him and in my head I’m like, ‘I’m on TNT, where I used to watch Nitro, and Sting was a major player in that,’” Kingston said (per Fightful). “Sting, at one point in time, you could say Sting was WCW. Everyone left except for him. He never left until the company closed doors. When I looked over, I was like, ‘This is a trip.’ That’s why I grabbed him and I said, ‘Hey, it’s f**king Sting.’ I guess he heard that he liked it. Then Mox heard it and came over. The fan that appreciates pro wrestling came out of me. I appreciated the fact that the history; TNT and Sting. Whether people want to believe it or not, history is written by the victors. You have WWE’s side, but in all honestly, at one point in time, WCW was the biggest company in America and Sting was part of that. Crow Sting is one of the reasons why. You have to give him credit. It was nuts,” he said.

– The new WWE champion Big E talks about being a locker room leader:

“I’m getting to that point where I look around the locker room and realize I’m one of the older guys. I relish the role a little bit of being one of the OGs. There are horror stories about what wrestling locker rooms were like 20-30 years ago and I’m hoping we can be parts of a locker room that is more encouraging and welcoming. I still have many years left, but I look at the Rhea Ripleys of the world, who are a decade younger, or the Austin Theorys. We have a lot of cats who are going to be around for a lot longer than I will. When my time is over, they’ll still be around. I hope we can give them the support and love they need to be the next ones up and to continue to develop. I’m starting to relish the role of being one of the older guys.”

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