A replacement on AEW’s Rampage commentary team

Sep 20, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Ricky Starks is permanently replacing Mark Henry on commentary for AEW Rampage

During an interview on the WrestleTalk podcast, Ricky Starks announced that he will be Mark Henry’s permanent replacement on AEW Rampage. Starks was on commentary this past Friday night and the reviews on social media were mostly positive.

Starks said, “I am definitely proud of AEW, the work that I’ve done in AEW, and the work that I continue to do. And the fact that I think so much that they appreciate me that they made me a permanent commentator for Rampage, replacing Mark (Henry).”

Henry continues to do community outreach for the company and he is still part of the “Main Event” interview segment that airs just before the final match of the show.

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