Tony Khan says AEW is now a worldwide market leader in wrestling

Sep 19, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

AEW President Tony Khan has said that All Elite Wrestling has become the worldwide market leader in some of the aspects of professional wrestling.

Appearing on Bloomberg’s Business of Sports podcast, Khan said that that AEW has made up a lot of ground in the business and while WWE was the market leader in the beginning, it’s not the case anymore.

“For me, to bootstrap a new business and build it up and gain a lot of that market share and we’re now in a lot of significant business markets, we are the worldwide leader,” Khan said.

The success of AEW also comes to the support of WarnerMedia, who Khan also credited for being so supportive of the company, dropping the names of TNT/TBS General Manager Brett Weitz and EVP Sam Linksy. “I talk to Sam every Wednesday and he’s really a fan of wrestling which helps and the growth of the show has experienced, especially in 2021, is unlike anything they have expected,” Khan continued.

In the same interview with Scarlet Fu and Mike Lynch, Khan also discusses the competitive landscape in pro wrestling, AEW’s television expansion, sports analytics, and much more.

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  1. Indigo Andy says:

    Tony deserves some props but also some criticism from that interview. For one being top show on cable always is a cool bragging right, but top of cable in 2021 is fractions lower a bar than it was back in the MNW. Let’s always remember that in context.

    Secondly AEW is doing everything right it can to attract the internet smark audience Vince has ticked off for years. Right now that is a big audience for a wrestling program but let’s also be real that after some of the novelty of the big signings slow down AEW is going to have serious hurdles to grow. You aren’t going to keep a large wider audience running an indy show on a bigger budget.

    It’s nice to see the execs that are trying to move the channels away from the old Turner culture are being supportive. Hell of a lot better than the likes of Jaime Kellner, Brad Siegel and Stuart Snyder.

    And the most blatant issue, this is still wrestling. You can’t boom it back to where it was in the 90s. You have a fundamental problem in that its still a carny industry with people who are going to get zinged on one moral crusade or another. Keep turning rocks, you’ll be able to go after everyone on any roster. The fact that so much of the internet wrestling fanbase seems to be despise the lifestyles most of the wrestlers live is a bubble waiting to burst. The Speaking out movement and Dark Side of the ring are previews. You can’t kill wrestling as a whole, but its only a matter of time before the billionaire backed era gives way.

  2. Steve says:

    The biggest amrk running a wrestling company.. Or someone spending his dad’s money. The AEW is yet to create any superstar. At a certain npount it’s unsustainable. Unless Darby & MJF make the leap into the stratosphere . AEW is just banking on picking released talent from WWE which more worried about selling itself and cashing out for VKM.

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