RVD responds to social media regarding his Dark Side of the Ring comments

Sep 19, 2021 - by James Walsh

Rob Van Dam was interviewed for the Dark Side of the Ring episode about the WWE “Plane Ride from Hell” controversy. RVD responded to a few fans in regards to his comments on the show about the wrestling culture during his time as an active wrestler…

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  1. john schleehauf says:

    Good for you Rob. I see “cancel culture” has hit wrestling now. Now, every retired, 70 year old wrestlers can be harassed and vilified for urban legend stories from 20+ years ago🙄. How many wrestlers have lost contracts and careers due to false rape and harassment accusations that were proven false? And while they’re at it, how about attacking popular sports, too? How about “Dark side of football”? Or baseball? Basketball? How about an expose about Michael Jordan getting his father killed because of his gambling debts? How about Sammy Sosa cheating in games with a corked bat? How about Mark McGuire cheating in legit sporting competitions with steroids? Because it’s an entertainment business, wrestling us just an easy target, I guess. It’s a shame.

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