AEW outselling WWE in tickets at same arena in New York one week apart

Sep 19, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE and AEW will both be having shows at the brand-new UBS Arena in Long Island, New York within a week of each other.

WWE will go first with a Monday Night Raw on November 29 and AEW will follow with Dynamite and Rampage on December 8. Tickets for both shows are now on sale and when it comes to movement of tickets, AEW is clearly winning the race.

According to the ticket tracking service WrestleTix, Raw is being setup for around 7,400 seats while Dynamite is setup for 8,800. As of this morning, WWE has moved just over 2,300 tickets for a 32% fill while AEW has moved over 6,100 tickets for a 70% fill already.

The $1.5 billion arena can hold up to 17,000 fans in an ice hockey setup so both WWE and AEW are operating at a much minimum capacity even if you factor in the space closed off for the set. More sections will probably open up depending on demand.

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