Victory Road

Sep 18, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Match 1.  Petey Williams VS Steve Maclin VS TJP.

Both TJP and Petey go after Maclin to start this fast paced match.  We have great scientific wrestling to start.  Several roll ups happen.  Petey hits a basement dropkick knocking both competitors from the ring.  He then launches himself on to them.  Maclin attacks TJP on the outside and drops him.  He then re-enters the ring and back elbows Petey to the mat.  Maclin then whips Petey into the corner and suplexes Petey, but fails to hook the leg and only gets a two count.  TJP is still on the floor.  After a double under hook, back breaker on Petey, TJP comes back in the ring.  Maclin goes right back on him, but TJP hits a spin kick.  Maclin crotches TJP on the top rope.  TJP  and Petey both get tied up in the Tree of Woe and Maclin dives on both of them.  He gets a two count.  Petey reverses a tilt a whirl and hits a Russian leg sweep.  He then hits a running knee strike and ranna on Maclin.   Petey hits a code breaker on Maclin, but TJP broke up the pin.  TJP and Petey start going at it.  TJP hits a spike DDT on Maclin.  Petey is down from a kick to the head.  They all get back up and start hitting each other strong style.  Petey tosses TJP from the ring and locks the Sharp Shooter on Maclin.  TJP then locks on the abdominal stretch on Petey.  Petey collapses and Maclin escapes.  TJP hits a seat belt suplex on Maclin.  This match is great.

TJP hits a kick to the head on Maclin for a two count.  He goes to the top, but misses the Mamba.  Petey hits the Destroyer, but Maclin tossed him from the ring and Maclin wins with a roll up to start the show.

Winner.  Steve Maclin

Match 2. Representing Decay, Black Taurus VS John Skyler VS Jake Something VS Laredo Kid VS Trey Miguel

Taurus tosses Jake from the ring and Skyler gets tossed on him.  Laredo and Taurus have a history and they go full lucha libre in move set.  Taurus eventually hits a spinning slam.  Trey re-enters, but Taurus tosses him from the ring.  Jake re-enters and takes out everyone with a shoulder smash.  Laredo rannas Jake to the corner.  Then he hits a spring board drop kick.  Trey hits a ranna on Laredo.  Then he hits a back elbow, into a monkey flip then a stomp.  Skyler than hits Trey from behind.  He then hits a spear on Trey.  Taurus hits a hard elbow, close line and a Samoan drop.  Laredo sets up Trey on the top, and hits a Meteroia DDT on Jake and Laredo.  Fans are behind Trey.

Trey and Laredo exchange chops in the ring.  Jake catches Laredo in a chokeslam and slams him on Trey!  Taurus hits a X bomb on Laredo.  He then tosses Jake on Laredo.  Skyler spears Taurus and Trey.  Jake recovers, but Skyler tosses him from the ring.  Trey launches himself to the floor on Jake.  Taurus then follows Trey.  Skyler school boys Laredo for two.  Laredo hits a moonsault, belly to belly suplex on Skyler and gets the pin.

Winner.  Laredo Kid

Match 3. Tenille Dashwood (with Madison Rayne and Kaleb with a K) VS Taylor Wilde (with Rachel Ellering and Jordynne Grace)

Dashwood takes a knee from Wilde to start the match.  Wilde then connects with some body shots.  Dashwood connects with some shots of her own, but Wilde hits a ranna, after picking up the pace.

Dashwood finally gets legit offense by pulling Wilde off the ropes by her feet.  Wilde landed on the mat on her back.  Madison then gets a cheap shot in on Taylor from the outside.  Dashwood rolls up Wilde for a quick two count.

Dashwood locks on a full nelson.  Wilde starts to fade, but recovers to a vertical platform.  Dashwood hits a short arm clothesline for a count of two.  Dashwood then goes back to the full nelson.  This time she locks her legs around Wilde, while in a sitting position.  Wilde gets free, but Madison locks on a front face lock on the outside.  The ref caught this and kicks Kaleb and Madison out from ringside.  Grace and Ellering then attack Madison and the ref kicks them out too.

Wilde and Dashwood begin victory rolling each other for a few 2 counts.  They then start trading blows.  Wilde hits a bid clothesline, in to a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count.  Dashwood trips Taylor making her hit her head on the turnbuckle.  Wilde reverses a double under hook suplex.  Wilde then hits a deep bridge suplex and gets the pin.

Winner. Taylor Wilde

Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards are interviewed backstage.  Sami says Hell has frozen over.  They are now a team.   Eddie says he doesn’t want to team with Sami, but he has to.  Eddie says he is doing it for the greater good.  Sami agrees with him.  Sami walks off confidently.   Alisha Edwards enters and says she doesn’t trust Sami and she is going to be at ringside.

Match 4. Matt Cardona VS Rohit Raju (with Shera) NO DQ

Rohit is attacked by Cardona on the ramp.  The story of this match is, Rohit kneed Chelsea Green, Matt’s soon to be wife, in the face in a tag match.   Shera takes out Cardona.  The match begins, and Rohit tells Shera to leave the arena.  He tells him he wants to do this on his own.

Cardona and Rohit battle around the ring on the outside, to start the match.  Cardona uses his shirt to choke Rohit after sweeping him into the ringside barricade.   Rohit upper cuts Cardona into the barricade and then uses a chair on the throat.  He then raps Matt’s neck in the chair and whips him into the corner post.  After laying in the boots, Rohit throws Matt back in the ring with the a couple chairs.  Matt then takes a few punches and a stiff running punt kick to the face.  Rohit then hits a cannonball into the corner.  Raju then plants a chair in between the ring ropes in the corner.  Raju goes on the offensive with more kicks to the head.  Cardona connects with a out of nowhere punt kick.  He then monkey flips Rohit head first into the chair.  The two then start to go at it in the ring.   Cardona wins the advantage with a Code Breaker off a rope whip.  Cardona puts a chair on the face of Raju while Rohit was laying in the corner.  He then punted it and got a two count.  Cardona gets a trash can.  He then hits a Death Valley Driver on the trash can for a two count.  Rohit gets up and reverses a whip and tosses Matt into another chair in the corner.  Rohit sets up two chairs and sets Cardona on them.  He then Double stomps Cardona on the chair from the top rope.  Rohit then starts beating Cardona with the chair.  Cardona crotches Rohit and hits Radio Silence.  Shera comes from nowhere and breaks up the pin.  Cardona goes out and hits Radio Silence on Shera.  Back in the ring, Rohit hits a drive by with a chair.  Chelsea runs in and makes the save this time.  Matt hits another Radio Silence and gets the pin.

Winner Matt Cardona (with Chelsea Green)

Match 5.  Chris Bey and Hikuleo VS  FinJuice.. David Finley and Juice Robinson

The Bullet Club is represented in Impact in this grudge match.  Hikuleo is Haku‘s son.

Finley and Juice start the match working over Bey with quick tags and tandem moves.  Juice is favoring a knee injury.  He is selling it on every move.  Bey finally clips the bad wheel.  He pushes him to the Bullet Club’s corner and makes the tag.  Hikuleo works on Juice in their corner.  Bey cheats on the outside while the ref is distracted.  Hikuleo then drops Juice and hits some fierce forearm, ground and pound strikes.  Bey tags back in and continues the assault on the leg.  He hits several elbows to it.  Juice then starts punching everything in site and gets to his corner.  Finley tags in going in 5th gear.  He hits a big boot to the face of Bey, but can’t avoid a powerslam from Hikuleo.  Instantly Finley is hurt.  Bey tags in and starts working the back of Finley.  Hikuleo tags back in and rams Finley’s head into the turnbuckle.  He then hits a big suplex.  He gets a two count off it.  Bey enters and Finley tries to fight them both.  Hikuleo takes three kicks and won’t go down, but trips threw the ropes.  Bey goes down again to Finley and Juice tags in.  Juice lays in several big left hands in the corner, then whips him across the ring and hits several vertical clotheslines on Bey who is trapped in the corner.  He then hits a DDT for a two count.  Juice slows down in frustration and Bey kicks the bad knee.  He then tags.  Fin Juice double clotheslines Hikuleo to the floor.  They then work as a team to toss him back in the ring.  Bey sneaks behind with a chair.  Hikuleo hits a powerbomb on Juice and gets the pin.

Winners.  The Bullet Club

Match 5.  W. Morrissey and Moose VS Eddie Edwards (with Alisha) and Sami Callihan

This match is hard to comprehend.  Sami and Eddie teaming seems unreal.  It wasn’t long ago, Sami bashed the orbital bone of Edwards with a steal baseball bat… hard way.

Sami and Eddie both take to the air and launch themselves onto their foes on the floor.  They start the match making quick tags and chop Morrissey and Moose about 20 times each.  They are working really well as a team.

After a few minutes, W recovers and has had enough.  He double choke slams both Eddie and Sami.  He then hits a big boot on Eddie.  Eddie tumbles from the ring.  Moose tosses him back in to W.  Morrissey hits several corkscrew elbows.  W then makes the tag to Moose.  Moose keeps Eddie in his corner and uses the ropes to twist Eddie up.  Morrissey tags in and just hammers Eddie further.  Moose starts pulling Eddie’s hair on the apron for good measure.  W goes back to the elbows to the face.  He whips Eddie across the ring and splashes him.  Eddie reverses a suplex and hits a Blue Thunder bomb.  Both make the tag.  Sami thumbs Moose’s eyes.  Moose then gets hit with a death valley driver, but Sami only can get a two count.  Sami sets up a pile driver, but Moose fights it off and hits the Go To Hell for a two count.  Sami ducks a ripcord and makes the tag.  He starts trading blows with Moose, but Sami enters and takes out Moose.  Eddie hits a powerbomb for two.  W enters and hits Eddie from behind.  He sets Eddie up on the top, but Sami makes the save and powerbombs him.  Sami then crotches Moose, who was taking out Eddie.  Sami and Eddie hit a suplex, superkick combo for two on Moose.  The fans love it.  Sami tries for a piledriver, W makes the save and punts Sami.  Morrissey then gets backdropped from the ring by Eddie.  Moose tries to use a kendo stick.  Eddie ducks and hits a piledriver on Moose.  Eddie picks up the stick, but Morrissey picks up Alisha and says he will slam her.  Moose spears him while he is distracted.  Eddie spills to the floor.  W then throws Alisha in the ring by her neck.  Moose pushes her head into Morrissey and he powerbombs her on the mat.  The crowd is in shock.  Refs come in and attend to Alisha.  Eddie is on the outside trying to get to Alisha.  He carries her to the back.  He tells Sami he is sorry and says he has to go.  Sami gets to his feet and enters the ring.  He attacks both foes.  Morrissey hits a big boot.  Moose hits a spear and gets the pin.

Winners.  W. Morrissey and Moose

Match 6. Knockouts Tag Team Match.  Tasha Steelz and Savanah Evans VS Decay, Rosemary and Havok (Champions)

Steelz and Evans enter with the straps, even though they are not champions.  They stole the belts two weeks ago.

Rosemary punches Tasha to the outside before the match even begins.  This is personal.

Rosemary gets a quick pin attempt on Steelz off a suplex for two.  Havok tags in and throws Steelz to her corner and demands Evans enter.  The two start exchanging forearms.  Neither gain an advantage.  They start clotheslining each other, but neither will go down.

Rosemary tags in and locks on the Up and Down on Evans.  Evans forces the break and she tags to Steelz.  Steelz snap mares Rosemary and hits a running kick to the face.  Savanah and Steelz tag each other in while working over Rosemary in the corner.  Rosemary finally hits a crossbody off a whip by Steelz.  She and Steelz both make the tag.  Havok uses her size as an advantage briefly.  Evans hits a big boot and tags back to Steelz.  Tasha hits a kick to the face, but Havok hits a sit out powerbomb in return.  Evans comes in to make the save and Rosemary enters.  Rosemary gets flipped to the floor hard.  Evans chases her and Rosemary spews the green mist.  Havok picks up Steelz and hurls her from the ring onto Evans.  Steelz re-enters and Havok piledrivers her to get the pin.

Winners and still Knockouts Champions.  Decay

Ace Austin with Madman Fulton are backstage.  Ace calls Christian Cage a legend.  He says he is now.. The Future.  He says he has had some detours, but his time is inevitable.

Match 7.  Impact World Tag Team Championship Match.  The Good Brothers VS Willie Mack and Rich Swann

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows have put Mack and Swann on the shelf in the last few weeks, but the challengers are ready and healthy for this match.

Mack hits a big shoulder and splash to start the match.  He mounts Gallows in the corner and hits the 10 punch count move.  Swann tags in, but Gallows is too big.  Anderson makes a tag and hits a few back elbows.  Swann hits a ranna off the ropes and then a soccer style kick to the kidneys.  Mack tags back in and uses his fists.  He then drives his shoulders into the mid section.  Anderson rakes the eyes and Doc tags back in.  Mack recovers and chops Doc.  Swann tags in and they hit a double elbow to knock Gallows off his feet.  Anderson tags in and suplexes Swann after ducking behind.  He then bites the face of Swann.  Gallows tags and hits a monster side kick to the head.  Swann goes to the floor and Anderson greets him with a few boots to the head.  Swann beats the 10 count.  Gallows kicks Swann further and gets a two count.  Swann gets backed into the corner and the champs work him over even more.  Swann can’t get to his partner.  After a few more tags, Gallows locks on a headlock after hitting big elbows to the back of Swann’s neck.  Swann slips free and hits a jumping kick to the head.  Both make a tag.  Willie hits a slam and leg drop.  Willie then hits a Samoan Drop on Gallows.  Mack hits a pop up forearm and spinning clothesline for a two count on Anderson.   Anderson hits a spine buster for a long two count on Mack.

Gallows tags in and they set up the finish, Swann makes the save, but Anderson hits a cutter on him after Swann hit one on Gallows.

Mack and Gallows get to their feet and trade blows.  Gallows hits a big side kick.  Swann does the same to Gallows.  Gallows powerbombs Swann on the apron on the outside.  Mack attacks Gallows.  Anderson hits a Gun Stun on Mack.  Magic Killer.. Pin.

Winners and still Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers. 

Match 8.  X Division Champion, Josh Alexander VS Chris Sabin

Sabin is looking to become the 9 time champion of the X Division.  He wants to cement his legacy as the greatest X Division Champion ever.

Sabin hip tosses Alexander, which makes Josh smirk.  After Sabin hits another, Josh gets a little more frustrated.  Josh ties up Sabin and pushes him in the corner.  He then shoots Sabin off the ropes and hits a elbow.  Sabin tosses Alexander and punts him from the apron.  He then dives backwards on him.  Sabin then gets tossed from the ring and Josh returns the favor to the floor.  Sabin recovers and they counter each other further on the floor.

Back in the ring, Sabin hits a DDT for a long two count.  Sabin hits a neck breaker.  He then hits another for a two count.  Sabin is setting up a neck issue with Josh.

Josh hits a flap jack and locks on the ankle lock, but Sabin gets to the ropes immediately.  Josh then hits a back breaker for two.  Josh then hits a gut wrench suplex.  Josh locks on a rear chin lock.  Sabin gets to his feet.  Sabin school boys Josh for a one count.  Sabin is still hurt and Josh goes back into another version of a chin lock.  He incorporates the calf into the hold this time.  Sabin breaks free, but he is hurt.  Sabin collapses to the mat after Josh whips him into the corner.  Alexander slams Sabin after several knees to the solar plex.  Josh then hits a fireman’s but misses a moonsault from the top rope.

Sabin hits a missile dropkick from the top rope.  Sabin hits a neck  breaker assisted from the ring apron.  Back in the ring Sabin gets a two count.  The two continue to counter each other.  Josh hits a boot to the face.  Sabin countered a double under hook, but Josh mid air reversed it into a neck breaker.  WOW.

Sabin locks in the cross face after reversing a pin attempt.  Josh breaks free after Sabin’s hands slipped apart.  Josh hits a German.  Sabin blocks another.  Josh hits another off the ropes, but Sabin holds the arm and locks on a hammer lock.  Josh powers to his feet and drops Sabin from a side position.  Josh locks on the ankle lock.  Sabin counters, but no matter what, Sabin can’t break free.  Sabin finally bridges out.  Josh hits the C4 Spike and gets the pin.

Winner and still X Division Champion, Josh Alexander

The two hug and show admiration after the match.  Alexander was emotional after Sabin talked to him man to man.

Match 9.  Main Event for the Impact World Championship.  Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) VS Christian Cage (Champion)

The two shove each other around to start off.  Ace slips behind, but Christian reverses and takes Ace down and rides him.  Ace regroups.  Christian hits a shoulder block.  Ace regroups again.  Christian goes for a arm ringer, but Ace kicks threw it and then kicks the legs out from under Ace.  Christian hits a flapjack off the ropes.  Ace tosses Christian to the floor, but Christian gets back in and kicks Ace.  Ace works the ring apron with his incredible move set. Christian is not quick enough to match Ace’s speed.  Fulton interferes on presence alone and Ace uses his educated feet to perfection.

Back in the ring, Ace hits a sunset flip for a two count.  Ace pulls out one of his playing cards and slices the finger of the champion.  Ace connects with a massive shotgun elbow that knocks Christian from the ring.  Brian Hebner, the ref, catches Fulton trying to interfere and banishes him from the arena.  Christian hits a tornado DDT for a two count.  Cage does some of his patented moves and gets a two count.  The fans are firmly behind Cage.

Ace hits two kicks, Christian ducks a third and gets a two count off a kill switch.  Ace hits a wizard kick out of nowhere for a two count.  Christian is rocked.

Christian somehow gets to the top, but misses a splash.   Christian dodges a Fold and hits a spear for a two count.  Ace rakes the eyes, Fulton sneaks out and knocks out Christian.  Ace hits a spinning moonsault for a two count.  Christian hits the kill switch and gets the pin.

Winner and still Impact Champion of the World.  Christian Cage

Post match, Josh Alexander walks out to the ring and grabs the mic.  They stare at each other.  Alexander says Bound For Glory.  He says Option C, which means Alexander is giving up his championship to earn a shot at Cage at Bound For Glory.



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