Impact Report, 9/16/21

Sep 16, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Match 1.  Representing Violent By Design, Rhino and Deaner (with Eric Young and Joe Doering) VS  Decay, Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve

Both of these teams are in the conversation for a shot at the tag team championship, but this match is very personal.  Taurus hits a body slam on Deaner and tags into Steve.  The crowd loves Crazzy Steve.  Deaner gains an advantage and tags Rhino.  Rhino drapes Steve over the ropes, choking him.  Deaner bites the fingers of Steve, but that just pisses Steve off and he bites Deaner’s head.  Rhino interferes, Deaner gets a flag and tries to hit Steve, but misses and hits Rhino.

Steve hits a swinging DDT and gets the pin.

Winners.  Decay

EY gets in the ring and starts blaming Rhino and Deaner for the loss.  Rhino seems to be getting more of the blame and he gets in EY’s face.  Deaner then attacks Rhino from behind.  Doering joins in and they beat down Rhino.  EY then breaks the flagpole over Rhino’s back.  EY has just kicked Rhino from VBD.

Back at Swingers Palace, Johnny is worried about going to Vegas in October.  It may do damage to his business.  TJP walks in and wants to place a bet.  Petey Williams enters and blames TJP for his loss last week to Maclin and challenges TJP to a match.

Match 2.  TJP VS Petey Williams

TJP and Petey take turns feeling each other out with arm twists and takedowns.  This goes on for the first couple mins of the match.  Petey eventually connects with a code breaker.  Petey then hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker and we go to break.

Petey has a headlock on as we return.  TJP elbows out of the hold.  TJP hits a spinning DDT, but can’t capitalize.  He finally hits a inverted atomic drop and then the boot walk.  Then TJP misses off the top rope and Petey locks on the Sharp Shooter.  Petey then rolls up TJP for the pin.

Winner.  Petey Williams.  

Steve Maclin then enters and takes out TJP and Williams.

The Good Brothers are interviewed backstage about the Bunkhouse Match last week and the win over Rich Swann.  Just then, Willie Mack enters with Swann and they have crutches they beat the Good Brothers with.

Back from break, Mack and Swann are interviewed backstage and they say they are ready to take the titles from the Good Brothers.  Scott D’Amore walks and makes the match for Saturday at Victory Road. 

Match 3.  Laredo Kid VS John Skyler

This is a return match from last week.  Kid picked up the win on BTI.

Kid hits a Spring board crossbody, neck breaker and a dive to the outside to start the match.  He then gets a two off a splash from the top rope.  Back on the outside, Skyler avoids Kid’s speed and hits a suplex on the floor.

Back in the ring, Skyler hits a back breaker after a whip to the corner.  The two then double clothesline each other.  The two then start exchanging forearms, strong style.  Kid wins the fight, but Skyler rakes the eyes and rolls up Laredo for the win.

Winner.  John Skyler 

Back at the set of All about me, Madison Rayne, Kaleb with a K and Tenille have Taylor Wilde as a guest.  Taylor makes room on the set for her friends, Rachel Ellering and Jordynne Grace.  

Taylor accuses Tenille of being to scared to fight Taylor.  Dashwood is very uncomfortable.  Wilde says are you scared to face me?  Dashwood sheepishly says no.  Wilde then says, great.. the match is set for Saturday then.  They walk off and the segment ends.

Scott D’Amore and Matt Cardona set up a match with Rohit Raju in a No DQ match for Victory Road.  Earlier in the day Cardona attacked Rohit because Rohit hit Chelsea Green the week before.

Match 4.  Mathew Renwaldt VS Trey Miguel

The two lock up, collar and elbow to start the match.  Trey arm drags him out of the hold.  Matt hits a big boot and then works him over in the corner.  Eventually Renwaldt tosses Trey from the ring and then he drops him outside on the apron.  Back in the ring, Trey goes to the top quickly, but Matt knocks him from the top and Trey lands hard on the floor.  Trey recovers briefly, but Renwaldt quickly goes back on the offensive and hits a twisting arm drag and gets a two count.

Matt then hits a back elbow and bows to the fans.  Matt drives several knees to the spine of Trey next.  Trey finally hits a kick and spring board missile dropkick.  He then gets a two count off a spinning fisherman suplex.  Trey heads to the top, but misses a split legged moonsault.  Renwaldt gets a two off modified, fireman’s carry powerbomb.   Renwaldt goes to the top and misses a Swanton.  Trey locks on a leg lock and Renwaldt taps.

Winner.  Trey Miguel.  

Deonna Purrazzo enters and attacks Trey with a low blow.  Mickey James runs out and attacks Purrazzo.  Security does their best to pull them apart.   Mickey eventually leaps off the top rope to the floor and takes out everyone. Mickey stands tall as the segment ends.

Tasha Steelz and Savanah Evans have a backstage promo.  They are wearing the tag belts, they stole (literally, they are not the champs) from Decay last week.  They have a match this weekend at Victory Road.

Chris Bey and Hikuleo are interviewed backstage about their match with Fin JuiceThe Bullet Club looks forward to the match.

Main Event.  Ten Man Tag.  Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Brian Myers, W. Morrissey and Moose VS Eddie Edwards, Sami Callihan, Josh Alexander, Christian Cage and Chris Sabin

Sami wants to start off for his team.  Ace starts for his.  This match has the star power.  This is as good as Impact can deliver.  Sami slams Ace to the corner and drags him to his corner.  Eddie and Josh take turns pounding him in the corner.  Sami tags back in and it is crazy to watch Eddie and Sami work together on Austin.  It was about a year or so ago they had the most brutal feud in wrestling.  Look it up if you don’t believe it.

Austin gets to his corner and everyone enters the ring for a stare down.  We go to break.

Back from break, the match has spilled to the outside with all 10 men going at it.  Neither team seems to have an advantage, everyone is taking punishment.  Eventually Sami of all people, tosses Ace Austin back in the ring.  He hits a deadly short arm punch.  Sam Beale came to the ring with Brian Myers and Sami piledrives him.  Myers hits a basement superkick on Sami.  Fulton tags in and hits a slam, but takes a bulldog from Sami, who tags into Alexander.  He briefly goes at it with Fulton, but Sabin slaps his back to tag in. Josh doesn’t like that.  Sabin takes out Ace and tags in Christian.  Ace tags Fulton after a stare down.  Fulton hits a slam and several boots to the chest on the floor.  Christian gets to his feet and punches his way to a tag to Eddie.  Eddie takes out Moose on the apron.  Fulton pushes him to the corner and a pissed off Moose tags in.  After a few Moose punches in the corner, Eddie hits a belly to belly after a atomic drop.  Eddie heads to the top rope, but Moose dropkicks him while sitting on the ropes.  We go to break.  This is great.

Fulton has Eddie are in trouble as we return.  Moose tags in and taunts his foes.  He then drags Eddie to his corner and Morrissey and Ace take turns beating on Eddie.  Eddie fights back and tries to get free, but Myers tags in and stops Eddie from getting to his corner.   Morrissey tags in and beats on Eddie in the corner.   Eddie has been in too long.  W hits a huge slam and hits a massive elbow drop.  Morrissey is totally ripped.  Wow.  He then starts working over Eddie in the corner.  Eddie finally hits a dropkick and makes a tag to Christian.  Myers tags in, Christian hits a knee and hits Myers 20 times in the corner, with the help of the fans count.  Christian gets a two count off a splash.  Alexander tags in and hits a ripcord.  Sami tags in and takes out Moose.  The match breaks down from here.  It is now a spot fest until Ace hits a low blow when Christian tried for a kill switch.  Eddie props Ace on the top rope and superplexes him to the arena floor.  Christian hits a spear.  Josh tags himself in again and hits a piledriver for the win.

Winners..  Sabin, Alexander, Callihan, Christian and Eddie.

Christian looked at Josh for a second after he made the pin, but then shook his hand.  The show ends with the fan favorites standing tall.


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