Bo Dallas update

Sep 16, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Bo Dallas (Taylor Rotunda) returned to social media this week and is teasing a new project.

Dallas was released from his WWE contract back on April 15, ending a 13 year run with the company. Before being released, Dallas had not wrestled since the 2019 WWE Crown Jewel event on October 31 of that year. He made his first post-WWE appearance at a signing back in August, but things have been fairly quiet since his departure.

In an update, Bo took to Twitter this week and plugged his new YouTube channel, and teased some sort of cooking project.

“Something is cooking. [smiling face with sunglasses emoji] Head over to my official YouTube channel & stay tuned for October 1st,” Dallas wrote with a photo from the kitchen.

Bo’s YouTube channel is currently listed under his real name, Taylor Rotunda, and was created just yesterday. He has 345 subscribers as of this writing.

Dallas and partner Liv Morgan got into real estate while he was away from the ring, and have been running their farm together. There is no word on if Dallas has plans for a future in pro wrestling. He is taking bookings via

Stay tuned for more on Bo’s upcoming project. You can see his tweet below:

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