Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods talk WWE Championship win on Raw

Sep 14, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

New WWE Champion Big E spoke with Kevin Patrick and the WWE cameras after last night’s big win on RAW. As noted, Big E cashed in his Money In the Bank briefcase to capture the strap from Bobby Lashley, who had just retained over RAW Tag Team Champion Randy Orton in the RAW main event.

Big E also participated in a post-show championship photo shoot, which you can see below.

Patrick asked Big E how he was feeling after the big win.

“Uhh, good. Good,” Big E said. “It’s hard to contextualize something like this. Man, it’s the moments, I think that I really treasure, and man, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about the moment I go out, the music hits, and that crowd, even though they’ve seen me a dozen times tonight, man, like, to have people, your peers, to have fans…”

That’s when Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods interrupted and celebrated with Big E.

“And these two jackasses,” Big E added. “To have everyone play a part, it means the world to me. So, I’m appreciative, for sure.”

Woods added, “This man has been fighting, trying to get this thing for I don’t know how long.”

Kofi added, “I am so very happy right now. Man, this is incredible. I don’t want to say it was unexpected, because I knew it was gonna happen but the fact that this moment is now in reality is… I’m trying not to cuss, it’s freaking awesome, man. I’m so proud of you, man, you’ve worked so amazingly hard and to have watched your journey. Man, you know what I’m saying? And to see it culminating right now, and this is just the beginning, bro. It’s not over, this is just the beginning, dude. Look at you.”

Big E continued his victory speech and talked about how good the win felt knowing he earned it.

“I think the dream for anyone in any vocation or craft, or anything, is getting to do really cool things, to get to the top of your craft, but to do it with your best friends, and you know… I always tell this story because I never wanna forget… I will always remember the three of us just fighting to get on TV,” Big E recalled. “And man, we’ve been able to do so many cool, incredible things, and I got to grow so much as a person and as a performer because of these guys, and I could not have written a better career for myself. I’m glad in many ways that it took so long because it feels earned. I’m glad that I wasn’t handed things right away, that I had time to grow, to do all the things that we had chances to do. So, I got to live the dream.

“I got to be WWE Champion and my best friends come out, and celebrate with me, and we huddle, and we have these moments that I’ll never forget.”

Big E was also asked what it means for him to return to the backstage area, with the WWE Title belt, and be congratulated and greeted by his peers.

“That’s the cherry on top,” Big E said. “Respect from your peers, from the people who… man, we have so much talent in the locker rooms, on SmackDown, on RAW, NXT, NXT UK, and to have people really you respect, who I love watching, push so hard for me all these years, to be backstage, to be there and just say, ‘Job well done,’ whatever… again, I’m just very… thankful for all of it.”

The video ends with Woods and Kingston giving Big E another grand send-off as WWE Champion. You can see that video below, along with the photo shoot video below and footage from RAW:

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