Big E wins the WWE Championship

Sep 13, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Big E is your new WWE Champion.

Tonight’s RAW from Boston saw Bobby Lashley retain the WWE Title over RAW Tag Team Champion Randy Orton in the main event. After the match, Big E cashed in his Money In the Bank title shot and defeated Lashley in a match that went several minutes.

This is Big E’s first run with the WWE Title. Lashley held the title for 195 days, winning it from The Miz on the March 1 edition of RAW.

Stay tuned for more. Below are several shots from tonight’s main event and cash-in title change at the TD Garden in Boston:

6 Responses

  1. Taxx W. Hoodchicken says:

    Bout time!

    Congrats Big E Langston!

  2. CM Chippunk says:

    They picked this goof to beat Bobby Lashley? Lashley is an army veteran, an accomplished amateur wrestler, has been completely dominant in MMA, looks like your worst nightmare (when not wearing a suit), and became a legit “star” with MVP as his manager. Big E is a guy who comes out with a dildo strapped to his head and humps briefcases. Dumb af.

  3. What? says:

    And because my brain thinks in terms of weird statistics like this, Bobby Lashley is the first person to both win and lose the WWE Championship on TV (as opposed to PPV) since AJ Styles won it from Jinder Mahal on Smackdown in November 2017 and lost it to Daniel Bryan on Smackdown a year later. That, in turn, was the first time since 2011 that it happened at all (though it did happen in 2013 with the World Heavyweight Championship), and the first time since 1999 that it happened over the course of more than one night. It has never happened with the Universal Championship.

  4. TrollBuster says:

    At least this “goof” can wrestle and doesn’t bore everybody with always the same old sh*t. 90% of Lashley matches he is about to lose and then MVP distracts somebody and saves the day for Lashley.
    A legit star wouldn’t need such booking, even as a heel. I know they traditionally use dirty tactics. But take a look at the two move man Brock Lesnar. He was a heel most of the time and he barely needed Heyman’s help. He just ran straight to everybody.

  5. Pisto75666 says:

    @CM Chippunk

    Lashley’s a great wrestler but when he’s not in Impact Wrestling, or without a mouthpiece, he’s boring af. Before he teamed up with MVP the only memorable thing he was known for was grabbing his butt during his ring entrance. At least Big E’s entertaining (and a great wrestler)

  6. Joseph says:

    Looks like the New Day is back together.

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