Adam Cole talks Forbidden Door, AEW All Out debut, more

Sep 13, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Adam Cole recently spoke with Alex Biese of The Asbury Park Press to promote Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite on TNT, which will air live from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Dynamite will see Cole make his AEW in-ring debut against Frankie Kazarian.

Cole debuted with AEW at the end of the All Out pay-per-view earlier this month. He called All Out a “once in a generation pay-per-view” event and talked about why he was so excited. Cole also said All Out delivered from the top of the card to the bottom.

“My God, I was so excited,” Cole said of All Out. “Because what I do often is I put myself in the mind … of a 12-year-old wrestling fan, someone who just eats, sleeps and breathes wrestling. And I think about the idea of deciding to purchase ‘All Out’ on pay-per-view or deciding to buy a ticket to ‘All Out’ and going and attending the show live. And I think about the show as a whole being one of the most memorable wrestling pay-per-views of all time. And of course, top to bottom the card, all the matches, delivered plus 10. And then in addition to all of the surprises I was just so stoked I got to be a part of such a special night.”

Cole’s arrival in AEW means obvious potential dream matches with names like Bryan Danielson and CM Punk, but Cole is also looking forward to wrestling people like MJF, Jungle Boy and Darby Allin.

“There’s a reason they’re there, and there’s a reason they’re highlighted so well,” Cole said of the younger AEW talent. ” … They’re the future of wrestling.”

Cole continued, “As far as the wrestlers go, there are so many talented pro wrestlers who deserve to be spotlighted, and the fact that AEW is so open to having these talents and having these promotions be highlighted in a way that maybe they haven’t been highlighted in a really long time or haven’t been highlighted before, is really, really cool. It opens up so many different creative possibilities for the AEW roster. It opens up so many possibilities for the multiple promotions that are involved.”

Cole believes that the opening of pro wrestling’s “Forbidden Door” is a business development that greatly benefits wrestling fans. He’s looking forward to interpromotional bouts.

“I keep going back to imagining me as a fan,” Cole said. “Thinking that two promotions could collide and have the chance to have, say, Impact wrestlers come on AEW or New Japan Pro-Wrestling wrestlers come there and wrestle AEW stars — and that is just so exciting.”

Cole has aligned himself with The Elite in AEW, which consists of his friends – AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers. Cole commented on a possible showdown between The Elite and The Bullet Club.

“I think there’s been tension with the Bullet Club over in Japan and the Elite here in AEW,” Cole said. “The history kind of speaks for itself, seeing the tension between the two teams and the two groups. So, ‘unfinished business’ I think would be an understatement. I think it’s very possible that at some point, me and the Elite are going to have to take care of some business.”

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