Ruby Soho: “It’s been a lot of ups and down”

Sep 12, 2021 - by James Walsh

Ruby Soho recently joined Busted Open Radio to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including how happy she is to work at a company that allows her to thrive, then takes a moment to credit the men and women who were here building up the promotion’s reputation as a reliable alternative for wrestlers. Highlights from the interview are below.

On the ups-and-downs of her career:

“It’s been a lot of ups and downs. A lot of insecurities on my part of where I fit in and belong and where the best place is for me and learning from the best minds in pro wrestling. It all culminated to that moment at All Out. This is what it is all for and this is where I belong. I have never felt truly 100% accepted. I am a misfit kind of kid and always wondered where my place was. The moment I stepped on that stage, I was like, ‘these are my people. AEW, these are my people.’ Even in the back with Tony Khan, I felt so accepted and so grateful and I felt like this is home.”

How she’s grateful for the talent who have built this place up so she can thrive:

“I’m grateful for the men and women that have built this place to be somewhere that I can thrive, that CM Punk can thrive, that Daniel Bryan can thrive. I have just gotten started. I haven’t shown this version of myself to anyone. I have freedom now. I am free to be who I want to be and have this newfound confidence because of the AEW fan. Because of my killer entrance music, I have this confidence that I want to capitalize on and show the world who I am and what I haven’t yet to accomplish.”

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