Impact Report, 9/9/21

Sep 9, 2021 - by Scott Porter

After we get a quick reecap from last week starts the show, we jump right into action.

Match 1.  Tasha Steelz (with Savanah Evans) VS Rosemary (with Havok)  Decay are the Knockouts tag team champions.

The Impact Zone is firmly behind the Rosemary.  Tasha and and Rosemary tear into each other.  Literally.. Rosemary starts her offense with a bite to Tasha’s head, then the octopus in the ropes.  Tasha rallies and strikes with kicks, chops and European forearms.  She gets the first 2 count of the match.  Tasha then hits a high knee off the ropes.  Rosemary gets to her feet, fighting off punches and hits a unprettier for a two count.  Tasha hits a step up bulldog off a whip off the ropes.  Rosemary avoids several strikes, gains her composure, and hits a spear and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Rosemary

Evans enters and attacks both members of Decay from behind.  Tasha grabs the belts and the two leave with them up the ramp.

Ace Austin with Madman Fulton are interviewed by Gia Miller backstage.  Ace says he is ready to be champion, he is groomed for this.  Then he sees Scott D’Amore and walks over.  He says Christian is free next week.  He says Madman Fulton should face Christian next week.  D’Amore says no, this is a week before Victory Road.  (Ace is facing Christian there.)  Scott says this would be better if it is a 10 man tag, get some partners.  Ace approaches Brian Myers, who is holding court with Sam Beale, Ziggy Dice and some other guy.  Apparently Myers agrees to be part of the team.  Beale may be involved as well.

Eric Young and VBD are shown releasing Rhino from his personal jail.  EY says he has baptized him from his sins.  It is time to release him.

Match 2.  Bunkhouse Brawl.  Machine Gun, Karl Anderson (with Doc Gallows) VS Rich Swann (without Willie Mack)

The ring has a few pressed boards in it.  Immediately Swann takes Anderson through one.  Swann takes out Gallows on the outside with a garbage can, then whips Anderson into the ring apron.  Swann continues to beat on Gallows too.  He ends up crotch kicking both Good Brothers.  Swann grabs a rope and starts choking Gallows with it.  Anderson recovers, but Swann rams him into the barricade.  He then Superkicks Gallows.  Finally Anderson gets a lid from a trash can lid and beats Swann repeatedly.  He then suplexes Swann on the ramp, as we go to break.

Back from break, Anderson is kicking Swann in the head in the ring.  Swann recovers, but Anderson hits a vicious back elbow.  He then tosses Swann through another piece of ply wood, and then again.  Anderson charges him, Swann ducks and Anderson lands on the wood hard.  Swann uses a can lid and kicks Anderson in the head.  He goes on to do several moves of his moveset, but only gets a two count.  Anderson recovers and gets a two count off a spinebuster.  Anderson misses a Gun Stun, but hits a vicious clothesline after Swann missed a leap off the top rope.  Gallows enters and they set up a table.  Gallows then leaves.  Anderson misses another Gun Stun on the table.  Swann sets him up and goes to the top rope.  Gallows stops him.  Anderson then hits a Gun Stun off the top rope threw the table and gets the pin.

Winner.  Karl Anderson

Anderson is hurt, but celebrates the win post match.  This was basically a two on one.

Mickey James is interviewed backstage about Deonna Purrazzo and their match at NWA 73.  Mickey says Deonna will not make a name at her expense.  Mickey says Deonna will find out what Hard Core Country is all about.

Drama King, Mathew Renwoldt has a vignette backstage.  He says he wants to make a masterpiece next week.

Josh Alexander is interviewed by Gia backstage.  He will face Chris Sabin at Victory Road.  He says he is prepared.  Just then Christian Cage enters.  He asks Josh if he would join his team next week against Ace’s team..  Josh says he would be honored.  They shake hands, but Josh says  is Christian is so important to his career, but he would love to beat him for the championship.

Match 3.  Bullet Clubs, Chris Bey VS David Finley

They mention Bey’s Bullet Club shirt is the best seller on TNA’s online shop.

Finley strikes hard first on the outside with some stiff chops.  Bey is screaming in pain.  He then gets his head slammed on the apron.  Bey is quick as a cat though.  He spins around the turnbuckle and summersaults the ropes onto Finley for a quick count of two.  Bey then hits a side kick and a picture perfect, side elbow off the top.  Finley was draped on the ropes.  Bey then goes to the chops, which Finley counters, but then takes an finger to the eye.  Bey hits a GTS for a two count.  He then hits a jumping elbow.. big air and then hits a side kick and a massive splash off the top rope.  Chris Bey is amazing.  Two count.

Finley recovers and hits  a upper cut and then another off the ropes for a two count.  Bey blocks a suplex, but Finley hits a monster backbreaker.  He then locks on a crossface on Bey.  He then switches to a shoulder/neck lock.  Bey squirms to the ropes to get the break.

Finley calls for the end, but gets school boy’d for a two count.  Bey goes to the YES kicks next.  Finley ducks the last as he stands up.  Bey rolls him up with the legs on the ropes, Juice Robinson runs out and knocks the feet off.  Finley then rolls him up for the win.

Winner.  David Finley

Just then a huge Bullet Club dude named, Hiku Leo enters and they take out the injured Juice Robinson and Finley.  They throw up the Bullet Club Sign and celebrate.

Scott D’Amore is shown sitting at the table with Josh Alexander, X Division Champion and Chris Sabin.  Sabin says this isn’t just a match.  This is about legacy.  He signs the contract for their match.  Alexander says Sabin has lost the championship 8 times.  He doesn’t have what it takes.  They shake hands.  Christian enters.  He then asks Sabin to join his team.  Sabin agrees.

At Swinger’s Palace, Johnny is holding court.  Fallah, No Way and TJP show up.  They are taking bets on Maclin VS Petey Williams.  Hernandez boots them all for being disrespectful.  Kimber Lee and Su Yung peak around a corner as the segment ends.

Match 4.  Petey Williams VS Steve Maclin

This feud continues with physicality right from the onset.  Maclin hits a backbreaker off the first exchange.  Petey hits a double leg kick, while trapped in the corner.  He then hits a german suplex, then a  Russian leg sweep.  He then hits a baseball drop kick to Maclin on the outside.  Maclin tried to bail but couldn’t.  Petey goes for the Destroyer, but the Congo Line starts in the arena.  TJP wagered on Maclin to win prior to getting kicked out.  Petey looks on confused.  Maclin uses the advantage to hit Petey in his version of the piledriver for the win.

Winner by pinfall, Steve Maclin

TJP stares at Petey post match.

Eddie Edwards is interviewed backstage by Gia.  He says he will be ready for Moose tonight.  Sami Callihan enters and asks if he needs his help.  Eddie says no.  Christian asks if they would be on his team next week.  Sami agrees and walks off.  Eddie says he will never be on his team and walks off, saying you choose.

Ace and Fulton walk into Moose and W. Morrissey.  They want to by on the team with Myers and Ace.  Beale is obviously out.  lol.

Match 5.  Moose (with W. Morrissey) VS Eddie Edwards

Eddie is the heart and soul of Impact and their fans, but this is a lot to handle on his own.  Morrisey is massive and Moose is a total beast.  These two look very different than the rest of the roster.

Eddie hits a chop to start the match, but Moose hits back harder and after a brief exchange, Moose takes Eddie to his knees.  He then hits a shoulder block off the whip.  Moose then hits a couple chops in the corner.  Eddie freaks and reverses this and hits the machine gun chops, ala Kojima.  Moose recovers and tosses Eddie into the corner.

Eddie gets tossed to the floor and then into the corner post.  We go to break.

Eddie took a beating apparently during the break.  Just as we return Eddie hits a big kick on Moose, on the top rope and rannas him off the top.  They start hammering each other strong style in the center of the ring.  They talk a lot of smack on each other.  This goes on for a  few mins.  Eddie seems to win the exchange, but Eddie then gets powerbombed.  Moose then misses a spear.  Eddie goes for the pin and Morrissey puts Moose’s leg on the ropes to stop the pin.  Moose hits a spear and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall.  Moose.

Morrissey and Moose start laying the boots on Eddie.  Sabin enters and holds his own with the two.  Myers enters, with his job squad and they take over.  Josh Alexander enters and starts giving Germans to everyone.  He piledrives Myers.  Ace and Fulton enter and they hits a massive tandem move off the top.  Christian enters and hits the kill switch on Fulton.  Eddie enters at Ace tries to take out everyone.   Morrissey and Moose enter, and Alisha Edwards enters with a kendo stick to protect her husband.  Morrisey grabs her by the neck.  Lights go out.. Sami Callihan enters and has two bats and hands one to Eddie.  They run off Morrissey.  They tap bats as Christian plays peacemaker.  The alliance between Sami and Eddie is finally made.

Alexander and Sabin enter and they all stand tall with Alisha in the ring.



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