Pat McAfee addresses Adam Cole’s departure to AEW on his show

Sep 7, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

Smackdown color commentator Pat McAfee addressed Adam Cole’s departure and arrival in AEW during his Pat McAfee Show. The two, as you know, shared a lengthy feud on NXT which also resulted in McAfee taking on Cole in a one-on-one match at a Takeover.

“That was quite a big moment last night,” McAfee said. “But you know…he’s a piece of sh*t. I mean congrats to him, that’s a pretty big deal…but f*ck that guy! I can’t take this guy, you know dude?”

McAfee then continued, “He’s a terrible scumbag asshole, I can’t say it enough and he proved it again last night,” referring to Cole joining The Elite. “But that was a pretty f*cking big moment,” he admitted.

“A terrible guy, but congrats though and that was really f*cking cool to see and it was great to hear the [Bay Bay]…that f*cker was loud,” McAfee said, before saying to hell with him and changing subjects!

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