CM Punk compares AEW’s incoming talent to the Outsiders WCW invasion angle

Sep 7, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

“Gosh, obviously, I think it’s going to be very impactful. I’m not personally in the business of war. I know who competition is and who competition isn’t. To me, we focus on ourselves. We focus on the talent we have and we focus on the people in the building. I think that’s how we grow. It’s not about throwing stones. I know TNT loves ratings. I know everybody’s gonna look at stuff and compare the two. For a company that’s only been around for two years. I think they’re doing great and if you’re competing with somebody on another night, that’s got a 30-year headstart. Well, that’s fine.

But to me, our competition is our audience, and as long as we keep them engaged, and keep them happy, and I think that to bring it back around, that’s what we’re doing. So I’m not Hogan, I’m not Savage, you know, Daniel, Bryan and Adam Cole, they’re not The Outsiders. I see the parallels, but this is totally different and I’ll go ahead and say it and people can quote me and they’ll be pissed off about it. To me, this is bigger.”

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