First look at the revamped Capitol Wrestling Center for new-look NXT

Sep 4, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

The revamped NXT is starting from the September 14 episode on USA Network, although if that is live or not remains to be seen. WWE taped three weeks worth of NXT after Takeover that enabled them to completely transform the Capitol Wrestling Center into a more vibrant-looking arena.

Gone is the black and gold branding and the dark and dimmed look which will be replaced by brighter colors, new logo, and a bigger-looking setup. Despite still being held in the CWC on the campus of the WWE Performance Center, the new teaser video shown yesterday during Smackdown displayed the concept drawing of how the new CWC looks, with much more seats surrounding the ring and a new entrance. And gone are the are security barricades and perspex separating the fans from the ring as the drawings show zero barriers with fans in front row pretty much being a touching distance from the ring.

WWE allowed only limited number of fans for each NXT taping and almost double of that for Takeovers. This new setup will cater for a much larger audience with bigger seat risers going all around to the entrance ramp.

You can check out the new-look CWC below.

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