Impact Wrestling Report, 9/2/21

Sep 2, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Christian Cage knocked off Brian Myers at Emergence.  Next for the Impact World Champion will be Ace Austin and Tommy Dreamer (if Dreamer can beat Ace Austin tonight.) The set up for the three way dance was put in place last week.  The continuation of that story was highlighted in the intro package.  We will find out tonight if Tommy joins the title match.

Match 1.  Taylor Wilde, Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering VS Kaleb with a K, Madison Rayne and Tenile Dashwood

Rachael and Kaleb start off for their teams.  Rachael takes Kaleb over a few times and is in control until he pulls her down  the by the hair.  Grace tags in and they hit a double elbow off the ropes for a two count.  Grace hits a clothesline, but Rayne knocks her off the top rope as she climbed up.  Dashwood and Rayne take turns tagging in and working over Grace.  Kaleb tags back in, and Grace begins a comeback.  She hits a sunset flip, then tags in Wilde.  She rannas Kaleb.  Then takes out Dashwood on the apron.  She hits a tornado DDT for a two count.  Tenile had to make the save.  Wilde hits a German and gets the pinfall.

Winners by pinfall.  Grace, Wilde and Ellering

A highlight package of Deonna Purrazzo‘s Knockouts title defense win over Melina at NWA Empowerr airs next.  They also show Mickie James match celebration and Purrazzo attacking her during it.

Deonna and Matthew Rehwoldt are interviewed backstage next.  They make it apparent they are the King and Queen of Impact Wrestling.  Mickie James and Trey Miquel are on their radar.

Tommy Dreamer and Christian Cage have chat backstage about his match tonight with Ace Austin.  They have a few laughs.

Match 2.  Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus (with Rosemary and Havok) VS No Way (Jose) and Fallah Bahh

Tasha Steelz was hiding in a Conga Line.  She attacks Rosemary before the match.  Before we start the match, we go to break.

Bahh and Steve start the match.  Steve wants to bite Fallah, but Bahh hits a headbutt.  The fans have turned on Fallah all of a sudden.  Taurus tags in with No Way.  Taurus hits a sling blade, then a shoulder breaker for two.  Fallah tags in and splashes Taurus.  The boos are back.  They weren’t booing No Way and he tags back in.  After some tandem moves, No Way gets a two count.  He then works over Taurus in the corner and tags Fallah back in.  He hits a quick splash and back comes No Way.  The fans are now turning on No Way too.  They do a assisted leg drop on Taurus.  They only get a count of two.  Taurus quickly tags back in and he gets even more vicious.  Taurus finally hits a headbutt, then they double clothesline each other.  Both eventually make the tag.  Steve chops the big man a few times.  He eventually rolls him up for a two count.  Taurus takes care of No Way on the outside.  Steve bites down on Fallah and then hits a jumping DDT and gets the pin.

Winners by pinfall.  Blake Taurus and Crazzy Steve

Christian pins Sting to  the capture the NWA World Championship with help from Abyss in the Flashback Match.

W. Morrissey is interviewed about Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards backstage.  He admits he respects them both, but that won’t go far with him.  Moose walks in and says he agrees with him.  There are no friends in wrestling.  He says they both have issues with Sami and Eddie.  Moose says he doesn’t want a friend.. He wants a alliance.  We go to break.

Maclin has a vignette backstage.  He calls out Petey Williams.  He says the next week they will continue the mayhem.

Moose makes his way out to the ring in street clothes.   He says he is pissed off at all the wrestlers like Eddie Edwards that want to be a hero to all the idiots.  He says he and Eddie have a long history, but he is not the same wrestler now.  He is a monster.  He says in this story the hero will not save the day.  Edwards enters with the kendo stick.  He and Moose go right after each other.  Eddie hits Moose with the stick.  Out comes Morrissey.  The new Alliance use tandem moves to destroy Eddie.  They use their finishers and an assisted powerbomb.

Fallah Bahh and No Way are asked if they new about Tasha Steelz.  They say they didn’t have anything to do with Steelz attacking Rosemary.  TJP shows up and they seem to invite No Way formally into their new group.  They then say they want to go to Swingers Palace.

EY has Rhino in what appears to be a jail cell.  He is in cuffs.  The rest of VBD show up torture him so he can free his soul.  They tie him to a pole and leave him in a dark room.  He screams help me, as the segment ends.

Match 3. Jake Crist VS Josh Alexander, X-Division Champion.  Open Challenge Match.

Josh hits a powerslam after the two exchange a few feel out moves.  Christ follows Josh up the ropes and hits a superplex.  He then locks on a rear chin lock.  Christ has a new look.  It is flashier and very different from his last time in Impact.  Christ hits a big boot off the ropes.  Alexander goes for a suplex of his own, but Christ slips out and clips the knee.  Christ makes his way back to another headlock.

Josh eventually hits a backdrop, back elbow and a big kick to the head.  Josh then hits three Germans.  He then hits a double underhook piledriver for the win.

Winner by pinfall.  Josh Alexander

Alexander is interviewed by Gia Miller in the ring.  She asks why do you put the title up against an unknown wrestler every week.  He says does it for Impact, the fans and history.  He says he wants to be the greatest X Division Champion of all time.  Just then Chris Sabin enters in street clothes.  He tells Josh he is great, but only a 1 time champion.  He says he is a 8 time X Division Champion.  He says if you want to be the best of all time, beat the best of all time.  Josh shakes on the match.  The match is set for Victory Road.

A bunch of goofy guys trying to be wrestlers are shown with Brian Myers as their trainer.  Sam Beale is by his side again.  Myers is cutting the wrestlers from the program one by one.  He cuts everyone, when finally gets to Ziggy Dice and some lemon guy, Manny Lemons.  Both are invited back next week.

Match 4.  Rohit Raju and Shera VS Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona

Matt and Rohit start off.  Rohit quickly tags in Shera.  They didn’t even touch before the tag.  Shera goes right at Matt and takes him off his feet a few times with tackles and slams.  Rohit finally enters and mocks Matt, who stands and slams Rohit twice.  He tags in Chelsea.  She kicks Rohit and  they then make a few tandem moves off quick tags back and forth.  Chelsea then schools boys him for a two count.  She then hits a tilt a whirl.   Shera makes the save, but won’t hit her.  Matt takes Shera out.  Rohit hits a huge knee strick to the head and pins Chelsea.

Winners by pinfall.  Shera and Rohit Raju

Up next we get a Su Yung, Kimber Lee and new member vignette.  I couldn’t figure out who it was with the makeup on.

The Good Brothers, Impact World Tag Team Champions, make their way to the ring and grab the mic.  The Impact Zone is loud for the champs.  Anderson then tells them to sit down and shut up.  He then brings up Willie Mack and Rich Swann.  Gallows then says that they earned a shot at them by beating them in a non title match last week.  He said too bad Willie is in the hospital from being smashed threw a table.  Swann runs out with a chair.  He handles himself well until security separates them.  Gallows and Anderson are escorted out of the Impact Zone.

Next week we will get Rich Swann VS Anderson in a Bunkhouse Brawl.

Match 5.  Main Event.  Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) VS Tommy Dreamer.  If Dreamer wins, he will join the Championship match with Austin VS Christian Cage, making it a Three Way Dance for the Impact World Championship.

Dreamer is sporting a Dusty inspired polka dot mask.

Dreamer out wrestles Ace for the first few minutes.  He even hits the Flip Flop and Fly.  Tommy throws Ace to the outside and follows.  He beats him all the way around the ring, much to the delight of the fans.  Fulton saves Ace and then crotches him on the barricade.  Tommy gets back in the ring, but Ace is now in control.  He works him over in the corner.  Austin goes to the top and Dreamer meets him.  He ends up doing a neck breaker on Austin from the top rope.  That rocked Austin.  The two exchange punches from their knees to their feet.  Tommy then drops Ace.  He picks hip up and whips him into the ropes and hits a powerslam for two.  Ace reverses a DDT with a knee strike.  Tommy then hits a insiguri.  Ace recovers with a kick to the head and spring board DDT for a count of two.  Ace charges and Dreamer hits a stunner.. for two.  Fulton interfered.  Dreamer rams Fulton into the post and hits a DDT on the floor.  Ace connects with a vicious Fold.  He gets the pin.

Winner and will face Christian Cage one on one for the Impact World Championship..  Ace Austin 





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