Nitro Girl Chae Launches Fundraiser for New Product

Sep 1, 2021 - by James Walsh

Former WCW Nitro Girl Chae has surfaced and has an exciting new product idea she’s trying to get funded. You can read the press release below. Her fundraiser can be found at this link. And, you can check out her business at this link which includes pictures of her product.

Former WCW Nitro Girl Chae Launches
Utility-Patented “Ring Along” System
Multi-purpose & versatile storage options for bags, Ring Along
strikes with a Kickstarter campaign beginning on August 10

Dallas, Texas (Sept 1) – One of the founding members of the popular WCW Nitro Girls,
Chae today announced she is launching a new product to solve the lack of multi-purpose
and versatile storage options for bags.
Chae designed, developed and created the innovative “Ring Along” system, which already
carries a utility patent.
Ring Along Kickstarter campaign is currently live until September 25.

One of the biggest issues in the industry is that most bags only cater to functionality or
fashion. The Ring Along system delivers both, functionality and fashion

Another issue is that most bags offer limited storage space and don’t offer flexibility as
needed. The lack of multiple storage cabinets and limited fashion opportunities created a
gap in the market … Ring Along fills that gap.

As one of the traditional organizer options, individual storage pouches offer flexible and
secure containment. However, the pouches offer limited options for efficient transport, ac
cessibility, and pouch organization. Bag insert organizers are fixed in sizes requiring multi
ple inserts for multiple tote bags. And with its open pockets, items are only secure if the
tote and insert are upright. Multi-compartment bags, such as backpacks, messenger bags,
and diaper bags, offer various storage options, but are limited in fashion choices. Both in
serts and multi-compartment bags have restrictive storage and limited containments,
therefore cannot be customized for users’ unique needs and items.

With Ring Along, users can finally enjoy maximum capacity and versatility. Ring Along
pouches, in various sizes and materials, allow users to easily personalize the organizational
framework for their unique requirements.

Small spring-hinged rings at the corners of all pouches are kept together by the larger
spring-hinged host ring. Any pouch can be removed from the host ring with a quick push
on the corner ring, then returned to the host ring after use with a simple click. Users can
either carry all pouches together by the host ring or transfer/interchange certain selections
to host rings of other daily bags, such as gym or pool bags. Spring-hinged host ring also
allows users to clip or hang Ring Along pouches on any fixture.
The second small spring-hinged rings on the Ring Along pouches allow users to transform
any Ring Along pouches into the shoulder, crossbody, waist/fanny and wrist bags on the
go. Therefore, these are ideal for carrying only what you need by eliminating the need of
carrying a whole bag and content.

Users can finally bid farewell to traditional and mundane bag designs and can now cus
tomize their pouches, storage compartments, and fashion options with the Ring Along Sys

“My homemade Ring Along pouches helped me so much, especially with my kids’ from
infancy to now with school and sports ,” said Chae, who was a dancing fixture on WCW
Monday Nitro in the late-1990s. “I’ve always wanted to share the idea, but the fear of fail
ure kept me for years from taking the first step for many years.”

Chae is a first-generation Korean American who came to the U.S. at age 11. “When I re
minded myself of the courage and grit it must have taken my parents to bring their three
children to the U.S. without knowing to how speak English and very limited money … that
really helped push me forward with the Ring Along System.”

The Kickstarter Pre-Launch Campaign is live and active on Kickstarter now, where you can
find out more about Ring Along including watch the product demo video. Take advantage
of limited number of Super Early Bird Discounts by placing a pre-order or support with any
amount to help Chae bring Ring Along to life. And check out Chae’s blog on ring-along.
com to read all about her journey bringing Ring Along to life.

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    My favorite Nitro Girl. I’ll never forget the time she fell out of her top in the beginning Nitro segment and showed it UNEDITED during the replay.

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