COVID-19 vaccination required for all fans attending Dynamite on September 22

Sep 1, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

As expected, AEW today announced that all fans entering the Arthur Ashe Stadium for the September 22 episode of Dynamite: Grand Slam must be vaccinated and must show proof before entry.

Ticket holders are expected to show either a CDC vaccination card, a NYC vaccination record, an Excelsior Pass, the NYC COVID Safe app, or any official vaccination record from outside New York or the United States.

This applies to all ticket holders age 12 and older and those who will not show proof of vaccination will be denied entry. Ticketmaster will provide refunds for those who are now allowed to go in.

A proof of negative COVID-19 test is not required and while masks are not enforced, AEW is recommending that everyone wears one. If the roof of the stadium is closed due to weather, everyone will be required to wear a mask.

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