NWA Empower PPV Recap

Aug 29, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

AUGUST 28, 2021

Announcers: Velvet Sky, Joe Galli

-The show opened with a black and white skit. Mae Valentine interviewed Aron Stevens and Kratos. She asked Stevens if she thought there would ever be women tag teams and even women’s tag team championships. Stevens said Mildred Burke was the only exception to the rule that men will always dominate Professional Wrestling. Mae said times were changing and she thought there would even be an all-women’s pay-per-view in the future. Stevens scoffed after asking what pay-per-view was. Kratos said it would never happen. The skit faded and the camera entered the arena.

-Joe Galli welcomed the audience to the show. The ring announcer introduced the executive producer of Empower, Mickie James. Mickie walked out to cheers from the crowd who started a “Mickie” chant. Mickie said tonight was not about her, but about women’s wrestling. She said she was told women’s wrestling doesn’t make money and an all-women’s PPV would never make money. She said she would find the best women wrestlers in the world and prove everyone doubted her wrong. Mickie got emotional and said she never thought tonight was possible. She said tonight was for every woman who had to work twice as hard to be a pro-wrestler to only get half the respect. She rallied the crowd before returning to the ring.

-On commentary, Galli pointed out that Velvet Sky had tears in her eyes. Sky said she couldn’t explain how much the night meant to her. Galli ran down the card for the evening. He threw to the ring where the first match was set to begin.

KYLIE RAE vs. CHIK TORMENTA vs DIAMANTE, Battle of the Brands

The bell rang and the crowd chanted for Kylie Rae. They locked up in a three-way Greco Roman lock. Raw and Diamante hit a dual superkick and knocked Tormenta out of the ring. Rae scaled the top rope and hit a diving arm drag and scored a two count. Tormenta returned to the ring. Rae knocked Tormenta into the corner and hit a running cannonball. Rae turned her attention to Diamante but Tormenta attacked her from behind. Diamante knocked Tormenta to the mat and hit a splash for a two count. From there, Diamante hit a belly-to-back suplex, but Rae interrupted the pinfall attempt. Diamante propped Raeo on the top rope. Tormenta entered the ring and hit a tower of doom suplex for a two-count on Rae. The pace quickened and Rae hit a stunner on Diamante for a two count. After, Diamante rolled up both of her competitors up from behind for a dual pinfall attempt. Rae hit a superkick on Diamante, followed by a basement dropkick to Tormenta. Rae cinched in a crossface, but Diamante threw a chain in the ring from the outside. With Rae’s concentration broken, Diamante hit a Canadian Destroyer for the win.

WINNER: Diamante via pinfall in 13:00.

THE HEX vs HELL ON HEELS, NWA Women’s Tag Team Tournament Match

A brawl ensued between all four wrestlers in the ring. Kay knocked Sahara 7 to the outside. The Hex tagged in and out quickly several times and punished Rene Michelle in the corner. Michelle took control of the match and tagged in Sahara. Michelle hit a superkick on Belle. Hell on Heels punished Belle in their corner. Sahara hit a neck breaker for a two-count. Belle created separation with a forearm and tagged in Kay, Kay entered the ring and rallied. Kay attempted a pinfall on Sahara, but Michelle broke it up. Sahara hit a suplex-DDT on Kay, but Belle broke the pinfall attempt. The pace quickened and The Hex hit the Hexecution on Michelle for the win. With that victory, The Hex advanced to the finals of the women’s tag team tournament.

WINNERS: The Hex via pinfall in 10:00

THE FREEBABES vs. RED VELVET & KILYNN KING NWA Women’s Tag Team Tournament Match

King and Gordy started the match and struck each other with chops. Gordy blocked a suplex and tagged in Yang. The Freebabes kept control of the match with frequent tags. King created separation and hit a diving knee before tagging in Velvet. King slammed Velvet on Yang for a two-count. From the outside, Halie Jae threw her fur coat at Velvet. After the distraction, Gordy hit a press slam and tagged in Yang. From there, Yang cinched in a sleeper hold. Velvet broke free but was forced into the opposing corner. Velvet hit an enziguri and tagged in King, King rallied and hit a German suplex on Gordy, The Freebabes attempted tandem offense on King, but King hit Kingdom falls on Yang for the win. With that victory, Velvet and King advanced to the finals of the women’s tag team tournament.

-Backstage, Mae Valentine interviewed The Hex. Kay said she couldn’t describe what it would be like to be the first NWA women’s tag champions in 28 years. Belle said the Dominican Republic and the NWA have had a rough relationship for the last several decades. Belle said that ended tonight as the Dominican Republic would finally have a recognized NWA champion.

-Back in the area, Gail Kim made her way to the ring to cheers from the crowd. Kim said she was having a difficult time expressing what she was feeling. She said the crowd knew talking wasn’t always her thing, but she would do her best. She said for the last 20 years, she poured her entire soul into wrestling. She said tonight was a historic night and she was humbled to be there. Taryn Terrell, Jennacide, and Paleo Blaze interrupted Kim and walked out to the ring. Terrell took the mike from Kim and she was happy Kim returned just to see her. Terrell said she knows how thankful Kim was that she got to wrestle her. Terrell said she wanted Kim to leave and Kim got in her face. Terrell said tonight was about her and asked her back up to get Kim out of the ring, Awesome Kong’s music hit to cheers from the crowd. Kong Attacked Blaze and Jennacide as Terrell left the ring. Kong told Kim to come back into the ring and grabbed a mike. Kong said it had been a hard year in the Kong residence. She said the only thing that could get her off her couch and away from ice cream bars was Gail Kim. King got emotional and said she loved Gail. The crowd started a “Thank you, Kong” chant. Gail took the mike and got emotional as well. She said Kong was special to her and they would always have a bond for life. They embraced in the ring and the crowd cheered loudly.

DEONNA PURRAZZO vs. MELINA, TNA Knockouts Championship Match

Formal ring introductions took place before the bell. They got in each other’s faces. They locked up but neither wrestler got the upper hand. They traded wrestling holds until Melina hit a running kick for a two-count. Melina cinched in a modified armbar. Purrazzo broke free and Melina dove at her from the top rope. Purrazzo caught her and hit a powerbomb for a two count. With Melina on the mat, Purrazzo cinched in an armbar. The crowd rallied behind Melina who created separation. Purrazzo attacked Melina’s knee and cinched in a figure-four-leg-lock. Melina managed to counter into a roll-up pinfall attempt, but Purrazzo took back control quickly. From there, Purrazzo dove at Melina in the corner, but Melina moved and Purrazzo went straight into the ring post. Melina rallied and hit a flurry of offense. Purrazzo created separation and hit a neck breaker. After, Purrazzo cinched in another armbar, but Melina made it to the ropes. Melina attempted the last call, but Purrazzo blocked it and hit a chop block. Melina tried to stand but couldn’t put any pressure on her leg. Melina demanded that the referee keep the match going and dodged a charging Purrazzo. Purrazzo kicked Melina’s knee and Melina fell to the mat in pain. From there, Melina hit a modified rocker-dropper but was unable to capitalize due to the knee injury. Purrazzo countered a reverse DDT attempt with the Virtuosa for the tap-out win.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo via submission in 14:00

-Before the finals of the women’s tag team championship match, Medusa made her way to the ring to cheers from the crowd. She celebrated around ringside and joined the announce team. Medusa said she was so happy to attend the event and couldn’t say no when asked to attend.

RED VELVET & KILYNN KING vs. THE HEX, NWA Women’s Tag Team Tournament Final

Formal ring introductions took place before the bell. Kay and King stood off in the ring. They dodged each other’s offense until Kay tagged in Belle. King attacked Belle’s arm and tagged in Velvet. Belle hit the three amigos for a two count. After, Belle hit a running knee for a two count. Kay tagged back in and attacked King in the corner. Kay attempted to tag in Belle, but Velvet pulled Belle off the ring apron. King took control and drove Kay into her corner. King and Velvet kept control of the match with frequent tags. Velvet hit a stunner, but Kay quickly responded with a spine buster. Belle tagged in a hit a flurry of offense. All four wrestlers entered the ring and brawled. King slammed Belle and velvet attempted a dive from the top rope. Belle moved out of the way, and Bell and Kay hit the AK-47 for the win.

WINNERS: The Hex via pinfall in 10:00

-In the ring, Medusa presented The Hex with the NWA women’s tag title belts. Red Velvet and Kilynn returned to the ring and congratulated The Hex on their victory.

-Billy Corgan walked out to the announce desk as Layla Hirsch made her ring entrance.

KAMILLE vs. LEYLA HIRSCH, NWA Women’s Championship Match

Before the bell, Kyle Davis said he was asked to read a statement from Billy Corgan. He talked through the history of Mildred Burke and drew attention to the original Mildred Burke title belt. Corgan handed the belt to the referee who held the belt up. Formal ring introductions took place. Hirsch quickly attempted to attack Kamille’s knee, but Kamille threw Hirsch across the ring. Kamille taunted Hirsch, but Hirsch responded with a driving head-scissors takedown. Kamille rolled outside the ring. Hirsch dove at Kamille, but Kamille caught her and threw her head-first into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Kamille cinched in a chin lock before punishing her with kicks and strikes. Strictly Business was shown in a VIP area enjoying Kamille’s dominance. Hirsch surprised Kamille and cinched in an armbar, but Kamille responded with a backbreaker. Hirsch tried to create separation with strikes, but Kamille propped her on the top rope. Kamille scaled the ropes, but Hirsch hit a spinning German suplex from the top. The crowd rallied behind Hirsch who hit a series of suplexes. Hirsh attacked Kamille’s arm and cinched in an armbar. Kamille made it to the ropes and both wrestlers stood. Kamille hit a running kick followed by a modified powerbomb for a two-count. They traded strikes on the ground. Hirsch rallied again and hit a running lariat for a two count. From there, Hirsch cinched in the armbar again. Kamille spiked Hirsch, broke from the hold, and hit a spear for the win.

WINNER: Kamille via pinfall in 12:00

-After the match, Kamille celebrated with Strictly Business. Trevor Murdoch came out from the back and confronted Nick Aldis before returning to the back.

-Back in the ring, Kyle Davis went over the rules of the Invitational Cup Rules and announced the winner would challenge Kamille for the title at NWA 73. Chelsea Green made her way to the ring as the number one entrant, followed by Kiera Hogan.


They locked up as the announcers confirmed entry would take place in one-minute intervals. They wrestled each other to the mat and both attempted pinfall attempts. Green hit a running knee. Bianca Carelli entered the ring and quickly attacked Hogan. Thunder Kitty entered the ring and hit a suplex on Carelli. All four wrestlers brawled as Jennacide entered the ring. Jennacide hit a modified slam and scored a pinfall on Carelli. Lady Frost walked out to the ring but waited outside the ring. Jennacide eliminated Thunder Kitty after a sidewalk slam. Debbie Malenko walked out to the ring and confronted Frost. She threw Frost in the ring but was quickly attacked by Jennacide. Malenko threw Jennacide to the outside of the ring. Jamie Senegal entered the ring and attacked Frost. Frost hit a modified 450 splash for a two-count. Malenko cinched in a crossface on Frost who tapped out. From there, Malenko cinched in a surfboard submission on Green, but Hogan covered Malenko for a pinfall. Masha Salamoich entered the ring as chaos ensued outside the ring. Masha scaled the top rope and hit a moonsault on everyone on the floor. All remaining [participants entered the ring and attacked Jennacide. They all covered her and scored a pinfall. Tootie Lynn was announced as the final participant and entered the ring. Lynn rallied and hit a bulldog on Senegal. Masha hit a pile driver on Senegal and eliminated her. The final four brawled in the ring. Masha hit a suplex from Hogan from the top rope for a pinfall. Lynn countered a powerbomb attempt from Masha and scored a pinfall. The crowd rallied behind Lynn who countered an unprettier from Green. Eventually, Green hit the unprettier for the win.

WINNER: Chelsea Green via pinfall in 15:00

-After the match, the entire women’s roster came to the ring and applauded Chelsea Green. Green prompted Lynn to celebrate in front of her hometown. Green held up a sign from a fan that said “This isn’t Women’s Wrestling, it’s Pro Wrestling.” The entire women’s roster celebrated in the ring and on the stage as the show went off the air.

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