News on Ric Flair and Tony Khan

Aug 29, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

The legendary Ric Flair was the latest guest on Busted Open Radio to discuss his appearance at this weekend’s NWA 73rd Anniversary pay per view, and how much the NWA name means to him and his legacy. Hear the Nature Boy’s full thoughts in the highlights below.

Says he’s honored to be appearing for the NWA:

I’m honored. I just — it’s hard to put into words, because a lot of people remember — you’re [Dave LaGreca] with Mark [Henry] today. I’m not even sure Mark — Mark’s in his 40s will remember but, that’s where I wrestled Pat O’Connor and Gene Kiniski and Dick the Bruiser and [Brusier] Brody, [Stan] Hanson, Terry [Funk], Dory [Funk]. I mean so many guys of yesteryear. I mean, who’s wrestled Gene Kiniski for an hour? Pat O’Connor for an hour?

Looks back on some top names that are not talked about enough:

My God, I mean, these guys were so good, so great and unfortunately they’re not talked about enough but they were huge names, huge stars. Dick the Bruiser for an hour, my God. I grew up on those guys and then I was able to wrestle them and St. Louis was our Madison Square Garden. The WWE at the time, the Garden was their flagship arena but the TV at The Chase and the Kiel [Auditorium] and then back then when I was wrestling in their big show out at the Checkerdome. We put 19,000 people in there and it was a great town to wrestle in and Dave, a pretty good town to party [in].


Tony khan comments on AEW signing new talent…

“I’m definitely gonna make multiple additions over the next 4 to 6 months and I think there will be some activity in the near future. I can’t specify exactly what it is and I don’t think anybody would really want me to just like nobody would have wanted any confirmation of anything going into The First Dance of what it was or how it was gonna come off. I definitely will be active and have been active signing people from day 1 in this company. Recruiting talent is key to any wrestling company, it’s key to any sports business…”

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