CM Punk featured in today’s episode of Heels on Starz

Aug 29, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

Today’s episode of Heels on Starz will feature CM Punk’s first appearance as Ricky Rabies.

Episode three, titled Cheap Heat, will see Jack Spade (Stephen Amell) enlisting the help of veteran Ricky Rabies in an attempt to drum up more heat, setting Ace (Alexander Ludwig) up with a full house for his comeback match against Bobby Pin (Trey Tucker). While Jack tries to make amends with his brother, Ace struggles with the fact that his career as a face might truly be over.

Punk participates in a match on this episode, so technically it was his “first match” since he left WWE in 2014.

Heels starts at 9PM ET and the episode is already available on the Starz website.

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