Clip: CM Punk Cuts Promo After AEW Rampage

Aug 28, 2021 - by James Walsh

CM Punk appeared after tonight’s episode of AEW Rampage went off the air and addressed the live audience. After Friday night’s show went off the air, Punk came out and talked about how he never thought he’d be “over enough” to address the crowd after the show and he’s not a champion like Christian Cage (who was in the ring), but he said it’s cool to be there and he praised the crowd for giving all their energy to the performers, who give their all. He noted that eventually the luster of his coming out and having a good time would wear off, but until it did he would keep doing it until it does.

Cage then cut in and said that he digs the humble Punk, but he wanted to speak for everyone and said “it’s a big f**king deal that you’re here” and who would have thought that Christan Cage and CM Punk would be in the ring together. He talked about how glad he was that Punk got the passion back and can’t wait to see what he does in AEW.

Frankie Kazarian then got the mic and said that as a guy who’s been in AEW since day one, Punk and Cage are welcome additions to the company. He then said, “Now let’s kick this motherf**ker into full gear,” leading to Punk joking that he knew the next PPV is All Out and not Full Gear but Kazarian did. Cage joked that he didn’t get an ice cream bar, and Punk said the good news is there will be ice cream bars on sale at All Out. “That’s how I get you, I give them away for free on Friday, and now you’ve gotta pay for ’em.” He said he dragged Cage back out because he thinks it’s neat that they can wrestle when they didn’t know if they could for a long time. He thanked the fans for bringing them back. He closed out, “And if you liked what you saw then tell your friends, tell your family, tweet about it. And if you didn’t like it, shut the f**k up.”

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