Impact Report, 8/26/2021

Aug 26, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Once again we begin with a recap of the PPV, Emergence this past weekend.  The show was highlighted by Christian Cage‘s successful title defense to Brian Myers for the Impact World Championship.

Match 1.  Chris Sabin VS Sami Callihan

Sabin strikes first, attacking Sami while entering the ring with stiff blows.  Sami fights back though and catches Sabin with a powerbomb.  Sabin shakes it off and the two start going at it strong style.  The match hasn’t even started yet!

Once the bell rings, the match action doesn’t slow down.  Sami hits a Death Valley Driver that shakes Sabin.  Sabin recovers and connects with a penalty kick.  Sabin was on the apron and after the kick he summersaults himself off onto Sami.  Sami shrugs it off and powerbombs Sabin into the post.  Sami then tosses Sabin into the barricade and lays in heavy chops.  Sami then rakes the eyes and tosses Sabin back in the ring.  The ref is being liberal with the count and rules.

Sabin is beaten up for a few mins and has to get to the ropes for the ref to call for a break.  Sami had a heel hook locked on.  Sami chops Chris more and sets him up on the top rope.  Chris then shoved Sami off as he climbed the ropes and followed it up with a missile drop kick.  Sabin then hits a Helluva Kick and Tornado DDT.  He gets a two count.  They exchange headbutts next.  Sabin hits a superkick next.  Sami recovers and face plants Sabin.  After a follow up piledriver, Sami gets a two count.  Chris recovers, hits a Shining Wizard and into a Driver and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall.  Chris Sabin

Moose enters post match and clears the ring of Sabin and spears Sami.  Eddie Edwards makes the save.  He and Sami run Moose from the ring.

Taylor Wilde is interviewed about a handicapped match she will be involved in later tonight.

Eddie Edwards is asked backstage about what just transpired.  Before he can answer, Sami shows up and the two begin arguing.  Nothing is settled yet.

Mickey James enters the arena to hype the all women’s, NWA PPV this weekend, Empowerrr.  She addresses, Knockouts Womens’s Champion, Deonna Purrazzo and her up coming title defense at the show against, Melina (Perez.) Purrazzo and Mathew Rehwoldt enter and threaten Mickey.  Deonna then attacks her.  Trey Miquel shows up and they run off Rehwoldt.  Melina then enters and saves Mickey.  Rehwoldt and Purrazzo flee as Melina nurses on Mickey.

Next is a hype package for NWA Empowerrr.

Brian Myers is shown teaching his young boy, Sam Beale how to create a fresh look on ring attire.

Match 2.  Chris Bey (Bullet Club) VS David Finley

Finley attacks Bey right from the onset.  He is all over him with kicks and punches.  Eventually he stomps him in the corner.  Bey bails and Finley follows him outside.  Finley tosses him back in and hits a back elbow. Bey hits a elbow off the ropes and we go to break.

Bey has been in control the entire break.  He stomps the back of Finley’s neck several times as Dave is on his knees.  You can see Finley Hulking Up, and he gets to his feet.  Bey hits a another kick that drops Finley.  He then locks on a side headlock, but the hold was not a traditional version of the hold.  He then suplexes him from that position.  The crowd loves it.  Bey starts showboating and climbs the ropes and salutes the fans.  Finley recovers and tosses him to the outside.  He then slams Bey on the apron.  Finley hits a spinning elbow off the top rope, after re-entering the ring.  Bey hits a arm drag, but Finley hits a vicious backbreaker.  This match is great.  Finley gets school boy’d after Bey reversed a suplex for two.

Bey then uses another school boy, with his legs on the ropes for leverage, to get the pin.

Winner.  Chris Bey

Rich Swann and Willie Mack are backstage and they challenge The Good Brothers for the Impact World Tag Team Championship.  The match will be tonight.

Next we get a hype package for Bound For Glory.  It will be in October in Las Vegas.

Josh Alexander talks about his tough match from last weekend with Jake Something for the X Division Title.  He says the best is yet to come.

Impact World Champion, Christian Cage enters the Impact Zone.  They show highlights from his big defense against Brian Myers at Emergence.  He grabs the mic and soaks in the cheers from the fans.  He says the new #1 contender is Ace Austin.  He says there is no way he can beat him for the championship.  Tommy Dreamer makes his way to the ring.  Tommy grabs a mic.  Christian beats him to the punch and asks what’s going on with his hair.  Tommy laughs and says he was disgusted with Kenny Omega as champion and he is ecstatic Christian is back and the Champion of Impact Wrestling.  He then thanks him for everything he has done for the businesss.  They then hug.  Tommy steps back and says he would love one day to wrestle Christian one last time for the championship.  Just then Ace Austin enters with Madman Fulton.  Ace comes out and introduces himself.  He says he is a going to be the youngest Impact World Champion at the age of 24.  He then mocks Christian for working with several promotions at his age.  He says your making all the towns aren’t you?  He then tells Christian his load will be lighter very soon.  Christian then says he will never be the man while he is there.  He then makes fun of his height and tells him to stand on his tippy toes.  Ace and Fulton attack them, but Christian and Dreamer fight them off quickly.  Christian and Tommy stand tall in the ring.

Violent By Design have a vignette backstage.  Eric Young berates Rhino for losing the tag team match on Saturday.  Eric says you know what has to happen next.  (They are going to beat him for making a mistake in the match.)  Rhino appears to accept his fate, as we go to break.

Scott D’Amore is approached by Ace Austin backstage.  He knows he has Christian at Victory Road, but he wants Tommy Dreamer next week first.  D’Amore says if Dreamer wins, it will be a three way dance with Dreamer at Victory Road.

Match 3.  Kaleb with a K, Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood VS Taylor Wilde

Taylor starts the match early and dives on to all three of her competitors before they can enter.  The advantage doesn’t last long, as the numbers are a lot to handle.  Everyone is in the ring at once.  Taylor tries her best to fight them off, but 3 is just too much.  She does manage to hit a DDT on Kaleb.  She gets a two count, but Tenile makes the save.

Taylor takes a spot light kick from Tenille, while Wilde was rolling up Madison.  Tenille gets the pin.

Winners.  Dashwood, Kaleb and Rayne

Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering run out to make the save, as Dashwood and company were beating on Wilde post match.

Su Yung and Kimber Lee have another weird segment backstage.

TJP is interviewed backstage.  He is infuriated with Petey Williams, who just walked in the interview, for interfering in his match on BTI by Maklin.  Petey and TJP have words and agree to stay out of each others way.

Christian Cage retains the NWA World Championship against Monty Brown, in a flashback match.

Matt Cardona cuts a promo with Chelsea Green backstage.  Shera and Rohit Raju have him upset.  Chelsea says she will smack either of them anytime.  Chelsea and Matt then challenge them to a tag match next week.

Main Event.  Match 4.  NONE TITLE MATCH.  The Good Brothers VS Willie Mack and Rich Swann.

The champs head out first.  The challengers come, Swann is dancing and Mack looks ready to fight.

Anderson and Swann start off for their teams.  They are still mentioning the NWA PPV‘s upcoming this weekend.  It is so cool the promotions are helping each other out.

Swann uses his speed to take Anderson off his feet.  Mack tags in and they double team Karl.  Anderson finally gets to his corner and makes a tag.  Gallows comes in strong, but Mack wrestles him to his corner and Swann tag and connects with a elbow from the top.

Gallows recovers and starts to outmuscle Swann.  He lays in a few heavy blows and forces him to their corner.  Anderson tags in and they work on Swann.  Swann then hits a kick to the midsection and Mack gets the tag.  Gallows tags in and he lays in a huge side kick that downs Mack.  Anderson quickly tags back in, but Mack hits a pop up punch to the face.  Swann tags in and Gallows enters illegally.  Swann takes out everyone.  He hits a rolling thunder for a two count.  Swann soaks in the cheers.  Anderson hits a spinebuster off a whip for a two count.

Gallows knocks Mack from the apron.  Anderson goes for a Gun Stun, Mack reverses it and rolls him up for the pin.

Winners.  Mack and Swann

The Good Brothers are furious.  They attack Swann.  Mack runs in and stops a Magic Killer.  Swann is down though and Mack is eventually overtaken.  Gallows gets a chair and props it in the corner.  They hurl Swann into it.  Mack then takes a Magic Killer.  They toss Mack and Swann to the outside and toss them into the barricade.  Anderson gets a table and Gallows sets it up.  Gallows and Anderson hit a Spike Power Bomb on Mack threw the table.  They stand tall as the show ends.




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