Chelsea Green On WWE Trying to Trademark Her Birth Name

Aug 24, 2021 - by James Walsh

Chelsea Green recently discussed the recent situation where WWE was trying to trademark her name following her release from the company. As you may recall, Green tweeted out earlier this month that she was “in a legal battle for my BIRTH GIVEN name” after being told about it online. WWE quickly contacted Green and agreed to drop the application, and Green discussed the incident on her Green With Envy podcast. You can see highlights below, per Fightful:

On finding out that WWE was trying to trademark her name after she was released: “Thank God for Twitter because Twitter was the one that clued me into WWE attempting to trademark my name,” she said. “When I worked for WWE and was about to re-sign a deal with them, I signed my name off to them for that period of time. That’s a very normal thing to do in wrestling, nothing out of the ordinary, of course they’re going to want my name for licensing purposes. It’s not just on TV, it’s on cards, video games, toys, merch.

“What was weird was the fact that, fast forward to over six months later. A reminder, I signed my deal in November 2020, fast forward to August 2021, and all of a sudden, this piece of paper I signed was being handed in as evidence for them to trademark ‘Chelsea Green.’ I obviously freaked out right away because if you take away the right for me to use my real name in the entertainment industry, I’m f**king screwed. It’s my f**king name. I have no idea how much this trademark would have affected that, but I imagine it was not going to be good for me. I felt stuck, sad, and confused. I couldn’t figure out why they wanted to take away my ability to make a livelihood. I was sad and I honestly, for a second, debated texting my old boss and asking what was going on. Instead of maybe doing the more grown-up thing, I decided to tweet. I don’t usually send out hasty tweets, but I was extra emotional and we all make mistakes, so, I sent out a tweet.”

On being contacted after she tweeted about it: “I guess that tweet did the trick because I ended up getting a call around 8 or 9 that night from WWE saying they were dropping the trademark request and that my name is all mine. It was a quick conversation, very civil, I obviously really appreciate that. I assume the tweet is what did the trick. I don’t know.”

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