Charlotte Flair talks going to Mexico with her father and Andrade for AAA Triplemania

Aug 22, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

During a live Oral Sessions recording in Las Vegas with Renee Paquette, Charlotte Flair discussed how she came up with the idea of having her father accompany her boyfriend down in Mexico for his Triplemania match against Kenny Omega.

Flair said that she never requested time off from non-televised live events and only missed one because she was sick but two months ago or so when it was decided that Andrade would be taking on Omega, she asked for the weekend off from WWE, a request which was accepted.

Charlotte then asked her father if he would accompany her to Mexico but Ric wondered how is she going to Mexico if she had to work. After explaining that she got time off, she then asked him if he would accompany Manny (Andrade’s real name) to the ring and the Nature Boy quickly got excited and accepted.

Charlotte smiled when she recounted how her father wanted to know what Manny was wearing so he could match his suit to his outfit but Charlotte said she didn’t know and told him that first they should get there and then think about the outfit later!

Renee also taped a show with Eva Marie later in the afternoon as part of a weekend of WWE appearances on The Volume at the MGM Grand.

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