Impact Report, 8/19/21

Aug 19, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute coverage from the latest episode from Impact WrestlingMatt Stryker and D’Lo Brown are on the call.

The show opens with a recap from the first AEW RampageChristian Cage captured the Impact World Unified Championship.  Christian will address the Impact Zone tonight!

Gia Miller and Josh Matthews are in the ring.  They are hyping the crowd for tonight.  While this is happening, Eddie Edwards and W. Morrisey brawl out on to the ramp and the arena.  The two eventually work their way into the ring.  Morrissey is in control and sets up a powerbomb.  Sami Callihan comes out and makes the save. They dispose of Morrissey, and then stare each other down.  Edwards leaves and Sami gets the mic.  He says he wants his match to start now.

Match 1. Sami Callihan and Chris Sabin VS Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) and Moose

Ace and Sami start off the match.  A Death Machine chant breaks out for Sami.  Ace and Sami each take the other off their feet.  Sami wins out eventually and soaks in the cheers.  Sabin tags in and lays the boots in to Ace. We go to break.

Back, Moose is working over Sabin.  He lays in a vicious chop and the fans call for another.  He sets him up and fakes Sabin out and rakes his eyes.  Sabin gets tossed back in and Ace tags in.  Sabin and Ace  trade some high flying moves and Sami tags in.  Sami lays in the Stone Cold, Steve Austin stomping boots in the corner.  Sami then hits a clothesline.  Moose makes the save, but Sabin hits a ranna on him.  Sami hits a powerbomb on Ace for a two count.  This match has broken down at this point.  Sabin hits the Cradle Shock after tagging himself in.  Sami didn’t like it, but Ace gets pinned.

Winners.  Chris Sabin and Sami Callihan.

Sami attacks Sabin post match.  The 4 competitors will all face each other in a fatal 4 way at Emergence.  The winner will be the #1 contender for the Impact World Title.

They show a clip of The Good Brothers beating Jon Moxley and Nagata at NJPW Resurgence.  The Gorilla’s of Destiny walked out and had a stare down with the champions.   Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson have a vignette backstage and they hype their match tomorrow with Violent By Design, and Gallow’s match tonight with Joe Doering.

Sami Callihan cuts a promo backstage.  He says once the match was over, Sabin was fair game.  Tomorrow he will become the #1 contender.  Everyone also can thank him for hurting Kenny Omega.

Match 2.  Shera (with Rohit Raju) VS Matt Cardona (with Chelsea Green)

Shera is huge, but Cardona looks like a monster.  He is ripped.

Cardona hits a big boot to the head.  Shera hits a shoulder off the ropes.  He then hits another.   He goes for a third, but Matt slips to the side and Shera hits the floor.  Matt then planchas himself to the arena floor.  Rohit interferes as Cardona re-enters the ring and Shera takes the advantage with a boot to the head.  We go to break.

Shera is in control as we return.  He slams Matt and does a wierd version of The Peoples Elbow.  He then lays in a stiff knee to the back of the head.  Rohit takes a cheap shot at Cardona, as he was draped over the bottom rope.  Chelsea tries to help, but she is too late.

The crowd helps build momentum up for Matt, and he face plants Shera.  He then hits a missile drop kick from the top rope.  After a few clotheslines, Shera shakes if off and hits a sidewalk slam and shoulder breaker, for a two count.  Cardona slips out of the way of a splash in the corner.  Chelsea slaps Rohit and Cardona hits the Radio Silence for the win.

Winner.  Matt Cardona.

Cardona will face Rohit tomorrow at Emergence.

Flashback Moment.  Christian Cage beats Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title.

Locker Room Talk is back with Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger.  Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K.  This is a mutual love fest between the two.  Tenille asks her if she will be her tag team partner.  Rayne is thrilled to do it and they gush over each other.  Swinger makes a few one liners, that make this segment tolerable.  Swinger and has a argument with Swinger, that is pretty funny.

Christian Cage enters the arena as the New Unified Impact World Champion.  D’Lo and Matt Stryker are overjoyed with his appearance.  A welcome back chant breaks out.  Christian says it is good to be back after 9 years.  He says it is an honor to be champion.  He goes over his long career in Impact.  Christian holds the TNA World Title and says it is time to forget the past and move on.  He says it is time to retire the belt.  He says from now on, he is is now offically the Impact World Champion.  (Scott D’Amore apparently told Christian to retire the belt. ) Just then, Brian Myers enters.  Myers is the #1 Contender.  Sam Beale is by his side.  Myers says he is glad for him, but he is the top contender.  He jabs at everyone in the back.  He also says tomorrow he will become champion.  Christian says he is glad he is finally out of Cardona’s shadow.  He then makes fun of his look and Beale.  Christian says congrats, you finally are something, but you haven’t won anything yet.  Christian then says Myers may be the most professional wrestler, but he is the best professional wrestler.  Beale tries to attack Christian.  That doesn’t work and Myers bails.

Melina approaches Trey Miguel backstage.  They trade a few flirtatious lines and she tells him to watch her match.. which is next.

The NWA Empower PPV and NWA 73 PPV are hyped.

Deonna Purrazzo captured the AAA Women’s Championship from Apache by submission.  

Match 3.  Brandi Lauren VS Melina

Melina whips Lauren across the ring to the corner.  She hits a back elbow that takes Melina off her feet.  Melina hits a elbow Lauren and lays in a thrust kick.  Melina then knees Lauren in the back.  She then locks on the Muta lock and Lauren taps.

Winner.  Melina

Purrazzo attacks Melina from behind post match.  Melina fights back and Matt Rehwoldt enters and ties Melina up.  Trey Miguel rushes in and stops him and Melina takes out Purrazzo.  Melina and Trey Miguel celebrate in the ring with a hug.

John Skyler is interviewed by Gia about his win over Cardona last week.  The interview is cut short as we pan to the left and see Juice Robinson on the ground in pain.  David Finley is yelling for help.  We go to break.

We see footage of Jordynne Grace winning a Georgia State Weight Lifting Championship.  Rachel Ellering was by her side.

Match 4.  Kaleb with a K VS Jake Something (NO DQ)

Jake spends the first few mins tossing Kaleb around the ring.  He then hits a massive powerbomb, but doesn’t make the pin.  Jake doesn’t want to win yet.  He grabs some tables from the outside and sets one up in the corner.  He then spears Kaleb threw the table and gets the pin.

Winner.   Jake Something

Post match.. Josh Alexander, X Division Champion, comes out and they have a stare down.  They will meet tomorrow.

Su Yung and Kimber Lee have another brief vignette.  Kimber says she has captured the first one… The segment ends.

Match 5.  Doc Gallows (with Karl Anderson) VS Joe Doering (with Violent By Design)

The two big men start the match strong style with heavy blows.  Doc bails to the outside, but pulls Doering under the ropes and works him over on the outside.  We go to a break.

Back from break, Gallows is all over Doering with a splash and huge flying back elbow.  Doering reverses a waist lock and hits a German Suplex.   The two start banging on each other again.   Doering connects with a shotgun elbow.  Doering then hits a delayed vertical suplex.  That was impressive.  The match goes to the outside.  They trade blows, until Gallows slams Doering’s head on the bell table.  Gallows get a chair and uses it on Doering.  They both roll in the ring, but Joe is in trouble.  Somehow Doering readies himself and they cross the ring off a whip.  The two crash heads and spill back to the floor.  Doering recovers and lays in some clubbing blows.  Gallows returns the favor.  He then hits the big boot.  The crowd is behind Gallows.  They begin fighting up the ramp.  Gallows picks up Doering and powerbombs him threw the floor.  The ref calls for medics.  They both lay lifeless.  Gallows refuses help and crawls back to the ring.  Doering refuses help too and gets to his feet.  He makes his way back to the ring toward Gallows.  Gallows is still crawling now in the ring, but he gets up.  The two charge each other.  Gallows lays in a boot, Doering then catches Gallows coming off the top rope and takes him out with a catch slam.

Winner.  Joe Doering

The show ends with VBD standing tall.





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