Billy Corgan Discusses Acquiring Mildred Burke’s Championship

Aug 17, 2021 - by James Walsh

NWA President Billy Corgan shared in an interview with Sports Illustrated that has acquired the original Women’s Title, which is often referred to as “The Burke,” thanks to former champion Mildred Burke.

Corgan plans to restore the belt and will display at NWA EmPowerrr when NWA Women’s Champion Kamille defends the title against Leyla Hirsch.

“As it pertains to female wrestling on the international stage, it begins with Mildred Burke. She is the one who defined it, and we are still in her shadow. A title defines a wrestler’s journey. In many ways, it is the source of their power. In Burke’s case, it was proof that she accomplished a feat extremely rare. This secures that her legacy and story will be told going forward. “I want to share the belt with the public. So many of wrestling’s treasures aren’t on display. This was a rare opportunity to reclaim a very important piece of the NWA’s past. Burke’s legacy runs so deep, and we intend to embrace her journey overcoming endless obstacles to rise to absolute heights on the world stage.”

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