Ric Flair Reportedly Didn’t Charge For AAA Appearance

Aug 16, 2021 - by James Walsh

A new report states that Ric Flair did not charge for his appearance at AAA TripleMania. As noted, Flair appeared in Andrade El Idolo’s corner for the latter’s match with Kenny Omega. Wrestling Inc reports that Flair did the appearance for free and chartered a private jet at his own expense to make the show.

The site also reports that Flair does not have a non-compete clause as part of his WWE release and is free to appear for another companies right away.


5 Responses

  1. Mackdeezy says:

    Huh… I’m shocked.

  2. Jon J says:

    Andrade still won’t get over. Hope the news sites are happy when flair dies on aew TV soon.

  3. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    Good…he added nothing to the event outside of the one awkward AF belt grab botch

  4. Steve says:

    If true that’s a shocker.the dude so hard up for money… Andrade is just a mid carder. Sleeping with a Flair will only get you so far.. oh wait you left the only place that could help you out.

  5. Joseph says:

    It’s only shocking if you can’t imagine a person doing something for another person without being paid. If you’re someone who believes everything you do has a monetary value, and you should get paid, than I guess you would be shocked by someone who did something for free. I see this as Flair simply doing something for his future son in law.

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