Impact Report 8/12/21

Aug 12, 2021 - by Scott Porter

The show starts off with a recap real from AEW Dynamite and the title match pitting Christian Cage against Impact World Champion, Kenny Omega on the debut episode of Rampage.

Match 1.  Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) VS Taylor Wilde

The two foes start off with hold and counter hold for the first few mins.  Neither take a clear advantage, but Wilde does annoy Dashwood with a arm drag, ending the chain move series.

Wilde hits an arm drag, then a head scissors.  Dashwood bails to the consoling Kaleb.  He says we should just leave.  He is sporting a neck brace from an injury Wilde gave him last week.  Dashwood re-enters and Wilde goes right back on the attack.  Kaleb interferes after a Wilde slam.  She takes out Kaleb, but Dashwood hits a reverse DDT when Wilde was looking at Kaleb on the floor.  Dashwood then goes on the offensive with a ground and pound attack.

Dashwood then uses the ropes to tie up Wilde, as Kaleb snaps pictures.  Dashwood lays out Wilde for a two count with a clothesline.  Then she gets a two count off a suplex.

Wilde finally fights back, but Dashwood doesn’t give an inch and hits a suplex, buckle bomb into a crossbody, but only gets a two count.  Dashwood is frustrated.  This allows Wilde to recover and hit a backbreaker.  She then hits a double stomp.  Wilde then goes after Kaleb.  The ref is distracted.  Madison Rayne enters and takes out Wilde from behind.  Dashwood then gets the pin as the ref recovers.

Winner.  Tenille Dashwood

The new threesome celebrate as we go to break.

Back from break, they hype the 20 Man Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender of Impact Wrestling.  

Match 2. Daivari VS X Division Champion, Josh Alexander  (Non Title)

Josh wants to make the X-Division Championship “THE” title in Impact Wrestling.  He and Daivari go at it as soon as the bell rings.  Daivari gains an advantage, ramming Josh’s head in the corner and chopping him.  Josh counters with a big boot, as Daivari tries a splash in the corner.  Jake Something comes out to the stage.  Josh notices this and then we go to break.

Josh is still on the ramp, as we return.  Josh tosses Daivari to the arena floor.  The crowd is firmly behind the champ.  Daivari recovers and slams Josh on the outside then tosses him back in the ring.  He then locks on a rear chin lock.  Josh elbows his way out, but Daivari hits a back elbow and locks on a side headlock.   Daivari releases and shoots Josh off the ropes.  Josh hits a backdrop and then a German.  He then locks on the ankle lock.  Daivari escapes and does a school boy for two.  Daivari then hits a facebuster.  He misses a clothesline and then Josh hits the triple set of Germans.  He then hits the C4 Spike and gets the pin.

Winner.  X-Division Champion, Josh Alexander

Post Match, Jake Something grabs the belt and shoves it in the chest of Josh Alexander.

Tony Schiavone, Ace Austin, Sami Callihan, Brian Myers, Matt Cardona, Jim Ross, Deonna Purrazzo and Madman Fulton all chime in on Christian Cage challenging for the belt tomorrow night.  Whomever wins will have a target on their chest.

NJPW and AEW shows are both featured in hype packages.

The Good Brothers cut a promo on Willie Mack and Rich Swann and VBD backstage.  Just then VBD show up and Eric Young cuts a promo on them saying they will be the next champs.  Gallows challenges Joe Doering to a match next week.  Gallows wants to know who the best big man is.  EY accepts as the segment ends.

Kiera Hogan enters the arena and calls for the mic.  She says we were supposed to be better than that.  She says she thought Tashia Steelz was real.  She says Tashia says you have a new friend.  She then says to get to the ring and she will take out Tashia and her friend.

Just then Su Yung enters the arena. The new Kimber Lee enters.  She has apparently been taken over by Su Yung.  Kimber attacks Kiera.  Su Yung starts controlling Kimber and makes her put on the mandible claw.  Hogan is then goes off her feet and is pulled from the arena by her hair.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis are backstage, presumably after Dynamite, since Omega is taking off the tape from his hands.  Callis is going off because Scott D’Amore and Tony Khan are upset they are smarter then them.  Callis says they will have this title when they are retired.  Omega says Khan can spend all his allowance, nobody will beat him.  Christian Cage will not get the job done.  He then says nobody is allowed to complain when he is still champion after tomorrow night.

Match 3.  Bullet Club (Chris Bey and NJPW Never Open Weight Champion, Jay White) VS Fin Juice (Juice Robinson and David Finley)

Jay and Finley go right after each other and the action spills to the floor.  White is all over Finley and drags him around the ring, laying in the punishment.  They go back in the ring and Bey and Juice tag in.  Juice takes Bey off his feet and hits a jumping stomp.  Bey counters a German.  Juice escapes, but White interferes and Bey hits a leg drop from the top rope to a a standing Juice Robinson.  Crazy move..   White tags in and tosses Juice on the floor and works him over.  Juice and Jay beat the count back in.  White tries a series of pins, but Juice kicks out.  Bey tags in and drops a hand spring knee to the back.  Jay tags back in and drives his shoulder to the mid section in the corner repeatedly.  He then shoots Juice to the other corner hard.  Bey tags in and they double team Robinson.  Bey locks on the abdominal stretch.  Juice hip tosses out.  Bey hits a senton after Juice goes for a elbow.  Juice recovers and hits a slam.  Both make a tag.  White and Finley fly around the ring, Finley hits a jumping European suplex, then a a spinning sidewalk slam.  Juice tags back in as does Bey.  They double team Bey and Juice gets a two count.  Juice goes to the Dusty punches, but Jay breaks it up.  Finley then enters and clotheslines Jay to the floor.  Fin Juice hit the Doomsday Device, but Jay brings in a chair and the match ends in DQ.

Winners by DQ.  Fin Juice

Jay White tosses a chair in the face of Finley, after he takes out Robinson.  White then hits a Blade Runner on the chair.  He then calls for his belt and sits on the chest of Finley.  These two will meet at NJPW Resurgence this Saturday.

Tashia Steelz is interviewed backstage.  She says she has carried Hogan long enough.  She then introduces Savanah EvansFallah Bahh comes in and asks for help.  Steelz is interested in helping him if it helps her.

Melina is facing Deonna Purrazzo at NWA Empower.  She is interviewed backstage.  She is thrilled to be part of the historic card.  Purrazzo enters with her championship on her shoulder.  She says she training with her MMA friend.  They show footage of them sparring.  Purrazzo thinks her new training will make it impossible for Melina to beat her for her championship.  Melina says people have tried stop her for 20 years.  Next week she will have a match at Impact and show Purrazzo her skills.

Christian Cage is interviewed backstage.  Christian admits Omega is the “Belt Collector.”  He will face him tomorrow night.  He says he will also return to Impact next week.  He will return as the Impact World Champion.  He says he owes it to Impact, the place that made him a Main Event talent.

Match 4.  Matt Cardona VS John Skyler

They mention Cardona’s big win over Nick Gage.  They say he is on a all time high.  Skyler is overpowered from the outset from Cardona.  He is tossed to the outside and Matt goes right after him with a dropkick threw the ropes to the outside.

Skyler finally bails enough outside, that he annoys Matt and sweeps Cardona’s legs on the apron.  Back in the ring, he hits a sling shot shoulder block for a two count.  He then rams Matt to the corner, but Cardona hits the double boots as John tries to charge him.  Cardona goes right back on the offensive and lays in a boot in the corner.  Shera and Rohit Raju enter and distract Cardona.  Skyler rolls him up and gets the shocking pin.

Winner by pinfall.  John Skyler

Main Event.  20 Man Battle Royal to be #1 Contender for the Impact World Championship

All the main players of Impact are in this battle royal.  I will update names as needed.

As we come back from break, the ring is full and Moose saunters to the ring.  Up next, Sami Callihan enters.  They seem to be the two favorites to begin the match.  W. Morrissey tosses Suicide and Johnny Swinger right away.  W. then ousts Hernandez.  Everyone then goes after Morrissey except the biggest competitors.  He tosses them away with ease.  Then the super heavyweights team up launch him from the ring.  We go to break.

Petey Williams is eliminated by Maclin, who is in street clothes on the outside.  Rich Swann eliminates Deaner, Rhino are next as is Swann.  Willie Mack is tossed next.  No Way (Jose) is next gone by Madman FultonFallah Bahh then takes out Fulton.  Fallah is taken out next by Moose. Trey Miguel is taken out by Brian Myers.  Eddie Edwards hits a backpack stunner.  Sam Beale makes the save.  Moose takes out Eddie Edwards.  Myers then takes out his protege Sam Beale.  Sami hits a piledriver on Myers.  Ace Austin and Sami then go at it on the apron.  Sami knocks him off the apron to the floor.  Moose takes out Sami on the apron.  Chris Sabin attacks Moose, but takes a monster choke slam.  Sabin locks on a sleeper on Moose.  The fans are firmly behind Moose.  Myers sneaks behind both of them and flips them over the top rope to become the #1 Contender.

Winner.  Brian Myers



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