Paul Wight Hopes His Character Is Less “Schizophrenic” In AEW Than WWE

Aug 11, 2021 - by James Walsh

Photo Credit: WWE

Paul Wight had a lot of turns as a character in WWE to the point where it became a joke among fans regarding his heel turns one day then going back to a babyface shortly after.
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In an interview with The Ring Report, the AEW color commentator spoke about his hopes for the character he eventually portrays as a wrestler.

“If in some point in my career I could turn heel – I know that sounds crazy that I could turn heel…it just depends on the day of the week, I guess [Laughs],” Wight said on a possible match with Darby Allin and why he’d want to be a bad guy in that scenario. “Hopefully, my character won’t be quite so schizophrenic in AEW as he was in WWE where he changed every five minutes, but if I was a heel working with somebody like Darby Allin, he would just be a gift.”

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