Joey Janela turns heel

Aug 10, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Joey Janela has turned heel and declared that the Bad Boy Summer is here.

Last night’s AEW “Dark: Elevation” episode on YouTube saw Janela and Sonny Kiss come out for a tag team match against Baron Black and the debuting DMC.

Janela pulled a shocker by superkicking Kiss on the ramp during their entrance. Janela then took out there would-be opponents as they came to check on Kiss, and finished Kiss off with a piledriver on the steel ledge. Fans in the arena responded with “Joey sucks!” and “you still suck!” chants as Janela taunted the crowd. The segment ended with officials helping Kiss to his feet at ringside.

Despite this being mid-August, Janela took to Twitter after the show and announced that Bad Boy Summer has begun.

He wrote, “Bad boy summer has BEGUN!”

Janela noted in a follow-up tweet that he turned on his partner because of mainstream pro wrestling fans.

“I did what I did not because Sonny, it’s because most mainstream wrestling ‘fans’ are absolute losers, mutant scum! Always arguing about ratings, what’s wrestling & what’s not, who’s dating who, body shaming, & what’s going on backstage.. now you have a reason to really hate me! This comes from the heart, if you stood by me through the years Thank you! If not & you’ve partook in any of these activities you belong in a hole!”

Kiss also tweeted on the heel turn and wrote, “Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, right?! [symbols over mouth emoji] [sleepy face emoji] #AEWDarkElevation”

Janela and Kiss began teaming back in March 2020 as they defeated Corey Hollis and Mike Reed on an episode of AEW Dark. They’ve had several wins and losses since then, and their last match together was a loss to The Acclaimed on the May 11 edition of AEW Dark.

Stay tuned for more. You can see clips from last night’s turn below, along with their post-show tweets, and the full Elevation episode:

4 Responses

  1. Great Mantis says:

    This has been building for nearly a year. Vince’s longest term storytelling in decades has been Corbin wearing the same shirt because that’s what poor people do apparently.

  2. Joe A says:

    I feel bad for those 2 jobbers that had to sell the sh!tty punches from Jelly Nutella LOLLL

  3. Tiffany T says:

    There are no heels and faces in AEW! That’s played out! Lame even! Nonsense!

  4. mth says:

    Good. Big fan of Sonny, not of Joey, so happy to see them go solo even if it seems it’s to elevate Joey rather than Sonny. Sonny’ time will hopefully come.

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